12 Reasons Why Android Beats the iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S versus Android

Just call him Timmy Come Lately. At today’s big “Let’s Talk iPhone” event, Apple CEO Tim Cook took the wraps off the iPhone 4S, a next-generation smartphone with key improvements such as a dual-core processor, voice-controlled assistant, and the ability to tweet pics directly from the photo gallery. All of these features are truly groundbreaking . . . if you’re still living in 2009. 

Apple enthusiasts must think that the S in the new phone’s name stands for “speedy,” but those of us who follow the smartphone industry know that letter really means “superannuated,” because this phone is still at least a generation behind its Android-based competitors. The iPhone 4S provides the strongest evidence yet that Google’s open ecosystem is much better at driving innovation than Apple’s walled garden.

Top 7 iPhone 4S “Me Too” Features

Like Columbus “discovering” the Americas thousands of years after native Americans migrated here and hundreds of years after Leif Ericson was the first European to visit, Cook wants you to get excited about the following “me too” features:

  • Dual-Core CPU: LG demonstrated the dual-core Optimus 2X way back last December, and dual-core Android handsets became commonplace this spring. With Nvidia’s quad core Kal-El chip coming to phones in the next few months, the iPhone 4S will fall behind again.
  • Voice Commands: I haven’t yet had the chance to test out Siri, Apple’s new voice-activated personal assistant. However, using one’s voice to perform common phone tasks is old hat. Google’s Voice Actionshave allowed you to do things like send and receive messages and search the web by voice since August 2010. In Apple’s demo, Siri appears to do a better job of combining voice recognition with text-to-speech feedback, but the concept is nothing new.

  • 8-MP Camera: Android has had 8-megapixel cameras since at least April 2010, when the HTC Droid Incredible launched. Today, you can even get an Android handset with a 3D camera while Apple stands flat.
  • Tweeting Directly From Photos: Apple, you’ve got to be kidding if you think the ability to send tweets directly from the iPhone 4S’s photo gallery is a breakthrough. Android users have been able to share photos or videos on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social networking app they have installed since 2009. With Android, you can even share with third-party apps such as Tweetdeck.

    Sharing on Android

  • World Phone Capability: Apple engineers shouldn’t break their hands patting themselves on the back over global roaming with a GSM/CDMA dual-mode device. Motorola’s Droid 2 Global came out last fall.
  • Left-handed Calling: The iPhone 4S has an improved antenna system, so it won’t drop calls depending on how you hold it. Tim, that’s not a feature; it’s a bug fix.
  • Your Choice of Carriers: Now that Sprint has made a huge deal with Apple, you’ll be able to use the iPhone 4S on three of the four major U.S. carriers. However, Android handsets have been available on all four major carriers and smaller services such as MetroPCS and U.S. Cellular for a long time.

5 Things iPhone 4S Can’t Do That Android Can

If it wasn’t bad enough that Apple wants you to drool over iPhone 4S features that Android had a year or two ago, the phone lacks some really important capabilities you’ll find in a number of Android handsets today. These include:

  • 4G Speeds: Ever since the HTC EVO 4G launched on Sprint’s WiMAX network in summer 2010, we’ve seen more and more Android handsets with next-gen network support. Today, every major carrier sells 4G Android phones, including Verizon, which has half a dozen LTE handsets that can download at speeds between 10 and 20 Mbps while the 3G iPhone 4S will be lucky to pull down 1.5 to 2 Mbps. Buy your iPhone 4S with a two-year contract and you’ll be stuck on a 2008-era network in 2013.

  • Load Any App You Want:  With iOS, developers and users are at the mercy of Apple’s standards board. With Android, there are literally dozens of app stores in addition to Google’s Android Market. Want to program your own app and distribute it your friends? With Android, it’s no problem; just give your friends the install file, tell them to check the “Unknown sources” box in their settings menu, and go to town.
    Load ThirdParty Apps
  • Keyboard Flexibility:  If you don’t like Android’s stock keyboard, you have dozens of third-party alternatives, from Swype to Better Keyboard. Better still, you can buy an Android handset with a honest-to-goodness physical keyboard. If you don’t like the iPhone’s keyboard, you’ll need to jailbreak it in order to install an alternative.

    Go Keyboard

  • Bigger Screens: With the iPhone 4S, you can get any screen size you want as long as it’s 3.5 inches. With the wide range of Android phones available, you can choose from tiny form factors such as the Motorola Charm or huge ones, such as the 4.5-inch Samsung Infuse. It’s your choice, not Apple’s.

    Samsung Infuse 4G

  • NFC Support/Mobile Payments: With a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip, Android phones such as the Samsung Nexus S and the HTC Amaze 4G can double as your wallet, allowing you to tap and pay at a growing number of retail outlets. In the future, NFC chips will also allow your phone to be used as an ID card or a keycard. Maybe then, Apple will add this promising technology to its phones.

    Google Wallet

I’m sure some future iPhone will offer 4G, a larger screen, and NFC support. At that time, we’ll probably be asked to accept Apple’s belated improvements as innovations, but Android competitors will have already moved on to the next big thing.
Online Editorial Director Avram Piltch oversees the production and content of LAPTOP’s web site. With a reputation as the staff’s biggest geek, he has also helped develop a number of LAPTOP’s custom tests, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. Catch the Geek’s Geek column here every week or follow Avram on twitter.

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch
The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.
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  1. Troll Says:


  2. manky Says:

    so all android models combined will, in some way, have 12 features that when added together will exceed the iPhone.. seems a lot of androids to carry for the privilege.

  3. AlfieJr Says:

    good try, FanDroid.

    ignore the fact Apple’s custom A5 beats the pants off all the other dual core stock chips, esp. for graphics – and delivers better all-important battery life too – and, yeah, it’s nothing special.

    trivialize Siri’s order of magnitude sophistication jump over Google’s Voice Actions, and yeah, it’s nothing new.

    pretend that all that matters for camera/photo quality is the simple megapixel count and not everything else, including the processor/software, and yeah, it’s nothing that would make a difference in how you photos turn out.

    and good video stabilization which no Android phone really has, well who needs that anyway?

    identify one Android model that was a world phone … what about all the rest? all the iPhone 4S’s are.

    but yup, you got NFC on some Android models. not many places to use it yet, but it’s cool! go for it.

    yes, you do can get 4G Android models now, for where they do work. and burn up your battery real fast by using it instead of wifi. ok, go for that too.

    and yes, you can load any Android app you want, including a few things that you can’t get from the Apple Store. including all that nasty malware. ok, go for that too.

    which leaves us with more keyboard and screen size choices. ok, that’s nice. if that is your top priority, definitely go for it.

    anyway, thanks for not trying to revive that dead horse Flash.

  4. pokethekat Says:

    My Droid X camera is just plain awful. My old iPhone 3G took far better pictures. I’m excited to switch back to the iPhone.

  5. Perry Says:

    Apple fan boys have no idea what they’re talking about. Android gives you choices. Apple has resulted in saying their camera is faster but Nokia still beat apple. Just look at I-messenger I think it looks a lot like bbm or Google talk. When you swipe your finger down from the top this magical and revolutionary thing happens, Androids notification bar comes down. I wish apple would give Android some competition but they aren’t. This phone would have been nothing amazing in June. Android is also the worlds most popular mobile OS.

  6. Johny Says:

    Finally after all the fawning, it’s good to see the press get it. The emperor has no clothes.

  7. Gary Says:

    Man above me pretty much says it all.

  8. bsglan Says:

    well put.

  9. Bobbruff Says:

    Wow, Avram, you made some Fanbois a little upset! One thing they didn’t seem to grasp about your article is that when you talk about a single Android phone that had these “awesome new Apple features” a long time ago is that at this point they aren’t the only Android phone to support these features. All of the major carriers and some of the small ones now have Android phones with ALL of the features you mentioned (aside from the NFC chips) that blow the iPhone out of the water.

  10. asd Says:

    Yeah good try, but you are missing one fundamental point! You are comparing all available devices with andoid to only ONE device from Apple! Beat it hater, they are just worse overall…

  11. Paul G Columbus, OHIO Says:

    Have you all learned nothing, Apple has never been about feature bloat. I bought many phones before the iPhone that had a hugh list of features, Very few of the features were usable though. Apple has always relaease freatures that worked great. As for 4G service it’s useless until the networks are built out. I would rather have my battery last much longer than use a 4g chip that drains the battery and has no towers to connect.

  12. JJ Says:

    There’s bound to be some juicy lawsuits in all this catch up Apple is playing. But you forgot the Apple feature that trumps anything Android has to offer, it’s the chromed apple on the back of the phone.

  13. Jay Says:

    The Xperia Arc S has ALL the features plus better bigger screen than the Iphone 4S. The Galaxy S2 also has it all, so it´s false you need to combine all Android phones to beat the Iphone.

  14. Brian Says:

    Still no Android phone has pixel density of a retina display. Show me any Android game with graphics like the new Infinity Blade. Or the sheer genius of GarageBand. The few high end games Android has don’t even run on most of the phones. The Android UI stutters and lags even on the higher end phones because the Android UI doesn’t use hardware acceleration like iOS does. When you buy an Android phone you better be happy with it as-is because you will not get an update or upgrade to the Android OS anytime soon, and probably never. Depending on who made your device – there may be huge security holes (looking at you HTC). Etc. Etc. Etc. Android is a joke. What happened to Free Software? Oh yeah Google closed the source for the latest Android. Microsoft makes more money on Android than Google does. Haha funny. Windows Phone and Nokia are going to eat Androids lunch before long anyway…

  15. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:

    @Brian, I agree that Android handset makers need to step up their game when it comes to pixel density and offer higher-res screens. The good news is that there’s nobody stopping them from doing so. Acer has even released its Iconia Smart phone that has a 1024 x 480 res which is somewhat wider (or taller) in res than the iPhone so the technology is out there.

  16. Brad Says:

    Load any apps I want? Is malware included?

    That is…if there is any apps to load…

    Here in Canada the iPhone is still the best imo. Yes it doesn’t have the biggest screen but it has the best overall quality. Android for me was really buggy, and a lack of apps, and other features…plus when a new version comes out you need to get a new phone all together.

  17. brockway Says:

    The whole premise of Android is based on copying iOS. And while the various Android phones may have additional features, the overall user experience is far below that of an iPhone. I can’t tell you how many Android phone users I’ve talked to that get abysmal battery life on their phones – but hey they can get Flash. I’m glad to see that Apple is getting serious about those handset makers that violate Apple’s patents

  18. Mark Says:

    If love how all the FANdroids speak up about Apple stealing Android ideas and completely forget everything Android stole from the original iPhone, even down to the UI. The Galaxy S even tried to look like the 3GS LOL.

    Not to mention all the bloatware, lag, crashing, etc. found on every single Android phone out there, abysmal battery life, shoddy compatibility with other Android devices, etc.

    I also can’t fathom how Android users can stand the fragmentation of Android software.

    The build quality of most Android phones are terrible. My friend’s Samsung Galaxy S already started developing horrible pressure spots on the screen after a few weeks. My friend’s Droid had its keyboard fall off from taking it out of his pocket. WTF? My 2 year-old 3GS still looks and works perfectly (albeit slower than today’s standards).

    Not to mention those 4″ or more Android phones can’t even match the iPhone 4’s resolution. 800×480 resolution on a 4″ display, really?

    I had an Android phone until I got an iPhone 3GS. A lot of my friends still use Android phones, and are making the move to iPhone.

    Come on, FANdroids. Come up with something better than screen size for once.

  19. Peosea Says:

    To Brad: Don’t talk when you don’t know what you are talking about. There are LOTS of alternative to the iPhone, and even more since most 2010 phones are now running Gingerbread. I am myself the proud owner of a Xperia X10 (bought in August 2010), still working like a charm, and trust me, my phone went through a lot… And no, when an new version comes out, you do the exact same thing that you do with an iphone: you update it… As for the malware, since the iphone is considered to be the least secure phone by many experts?

    Speaking of my X10, I just want to add that SE had an 8mp, equip with a pretty decent image stabilizer, that I have been able to film in 1080p since the 2.1 update was released. And yes, the image is better than an iphone 4.

    As for the apps, I’m sorry but the argument is not valid since what, a year? All major app are on both plateforms, and there are always third party app that will do the same job. Anyway, 95% of all apps on BOTH plateform are junk…And BRIAN, you’re talking about third party app. Not something that was made by Apple…

    Also, if you want to boast your battery life, you could always try to compare it to Blackberry. No? I thought so… And yes, FLASH is a major plus that iphone does not have

    Face it Apple fanboy. Your toy is not the next cool thing anymore. Just an outdated crap

  20. Conrad Says:

    My girlfriend has a new HTC Android phone and I have an iPhone 4. She has been through 3 new Android phone in the time that I’ve had my iPhone. She won’t switch to an iPhone because she likes to have her pretty flower theme with it’s fancy font for texting. This is the sole reason that she is willing to put up with problem after problem with each phone she has had. For me, my main concern is having a reliable phone that works and performs each and every function in a solid and consistent manner. My iPhone far outperforms other phones with higher specs. This is true for reception (which of course may be due to the area I live in), quality of the photos and video, reliability, battery life and the human machine interaction aspect of the hardware and software. For my needs it is the real world application of an item that wins out over any specs on paper.

  21. Daniel Says:

    Wow, you obviously did not look very closely at the Siri presentation that Apple made. Siri in its beta form makes Google Voice Actions look really pitiful. Big deal if the Google app lets the device match commands Siri seems to actually listen to you and understand what you are asking. It isn’t like pushing a voice button; rather, it is like having a conversation with an electronic secretary that schedules, organizes, and executes commands for you. I was blown away it truly looks like something out of a Star Trek episode where they speak to the computer. If you don’t believe me go check out the video for yourself and do a side by side with the Google voice action stuff. Also, you failed to mention the battery life of the 4s. As an example when watching videos the others do not even come close. BTW, being restricted to the Apple App store is a feature not a restriction. The Android market place is a big bucket of crap you have to wade through in order to find what you want that is not spam, spyware, or an out and out trojan horse. Besides, do you seriously think that there are feature sets that that iOS apps are lacking? The answer is no. Many apps were available on iOS first. Netflix is a prime example. It was a long time before Android joined the Netflix club. The bottom line is that there is simply more incentive to develop for iOS. Even though there may be many Android devices the programming environment is a dog and the returns when compared to iOS simply do not add up. iOS gives developers greater profit for their effort. If you have an iPhone and you still want the app not available on the Apple app store you can always jailbreak and install even more apps. Cydia alone blows away the Android market. Having a larger screen on a handheld mobile device not a feature. Having greater resolution is a feature. iPhone beats all of the imitators in screen resolution. Also, now that iPhone is on all carriers you can bet you will see the iOS truly become the dominant platform. It used to be that people on Sprint or Verizon had to opt for the next best option since iPhone was not possible on their network, but at these reduced contract prices those hold-outs will now be picking up iPhones. The others simply can not compete with the real deal. The total experience is greater than the sum of its parts.

  22. Iulian Says:

    is not necesary to compare all Android phone with IPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best example to show that iphone is an old phone :)

  23. Steve Says:


    There’s a saying… it’s better to be quiet and have people assume you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it. While knocking down your points, one by one, would be a trivial exercise, I have to wonder what prompts such a fandroid post in the first place. Is it all about page hits for advertisers or are you really that blind?

    For starters, it’s a bit rich to hear Android users refer to iPhone as “me too” when Android itself is nothing but “me too” from the start.

    You mention dual core CPUs as being old news, yet I challenge you to demonstrate a device that adequately compares to the A5 chip. That’s not just CPU, but GPU and of course Apple’s built in image processor, etc.

    iOS has had voice commands prior to Siri as well. Just, like Android, nothing nearly as good. Even for cameras, iPhone 4’s 5MP camera outperforms most 8MP cameras in terms of overall image quality. This update isn’t just a MP jump, it’s a new and better lens, it’s a backlit CMOS sensor, etc. which helps improve overall quality, not just megapixels. You mention loading “any app you want”, yet you fail to explain how that leads to the malware, fraudware, etc. that is prevalent within the Android community. You also don’t mention how you can’t really load any app you want as the best and most numerous apps are associated with Apple’s app store., etc., etc.

  24. megageek Says:

    the hateration about the 4s is awesome and by the way: – its saying A LOT about the iphone! why you dumb nerds getting your galaxy (a very good phone!) and be lucky and SILENT? its not what kind of phone you get in life,the question is: are you emotional about fuXXin mobilephones or not.. you all crazy!!!

  25. John Says:

    Apple claims that their camera have better lens and sensors. I for one believe them because my iPhone takes photos better then any of my droid camera. Looking forward for comparative reviews.

  26. Bbe Says:

    The iPhone 4s blows the android out the water.
    Did u see the sneak peak! It records videos in 1080p

  27. Rawr Says:

    @AlfieJr well, about the world phone thing, there is ONLY one model of Iphone with world… so you can’t say that apple has android beat with that logic…

  28. Sean Says:

    @ Bbe, I’ve been recording in 1080p on my phone for a few months.

  29. yellow_pan Says:

    iPhone 4S does not have hands, android have C3PO, T-800, T-1000, Bishop, Ash

  30. Pumbaa Says:

    Oh poor fandroids, I have so many here at my job. With all different kinds of android phones. My iphone 4 would beat and do a lot more than any of them. I had an iphone 4 jailbroken and fully customizable. The biggest argument from everyone is, well my android is fully open not restricted…but nobody even knows how to develop and app. Why do you care its open? I would seriously have people taking pics, removing their back of the phone to see if they can get a better picture. launch apps and would never beat me even with “dual core” android. Poor little androids would freeze and crash on several games! Now I’m on my iphone 4S and nobody can come close. If my iphone 4 could beat them imagine this one! My display is better, yes smaller but better! My phone is thinner, fits great in my pocket! I have 64GB of space, battery is awesome, I don’t have to plug it in when I have someone saying they’re phone is fast and have to kills task 2-3 times to make sure they catch them all. PATHETIC!!

  31. Pumbaa Says:

    Android needs an alternate keyboard because the stock one sucks, it lags. It has a horrible multi-touch response! Android needs and alternative software to try to be as good as IOS. Plus jailbroken I can change my keyboard too. I can do more than any android!

  32. Cd Says:

    Sick of hearing how 150 different phones running android operating system try and compete against one well rounded phone and now try and say its behind the curve it brought to the world “and not saying others haven’t tried at this type of technology before”. i would take a iphone any day its one product a whole company is behind, of course android lets u download and remodel your phone however you wan’t because they half ass’d it and it needs to be remodeled, they also don’t care what you download because go ahead and get a virus just buy their next new phone coming out in 5 mins and the one after that in 5 mins…sure if you put every android together i guess you do beat iphone.

  33. Joe McCarthy Says:

    One reason why those 12 reasons don’t matter: It’s the software, stupid.

  34. urr_qasdim Says:

    Apple keeps emphasizing that they are not the first in introducing new technology, but they strive to be the best. Since I use both an iPhone (4S) and an Android phone (LG Thrill) I can vouch for this statement. They don’t incorporate new capabilities till they can optimize them and keep the user happy. What good is the latest and greatest in a phone that keeps freezing and stuttering while losing battery life like crazy? Compare that with iOS: Stable, predictable and great battery life. I firmly believe that, at the end of the day, it is the user experience that counts most, and in that respect iOS beats Android hands down!

  35. iphoneF Says:

    Just like Mr. Job gone iphone is no longer future tech… Apple got no sh*t left they just have to copy things from other…

    Apple does have many fools following who love be told everything… son you can’t open that webiste it’s using flash!

  36. Bobbbyycc Says:

    U are all virgins hahaha nerds

  37. Jack Moss Says:

    All valid points, but you missed an important one. According to just about every benchmark except the difference between 3 and 4 g, the iPhone 4s smokes all. Even the Samsung Galaxy II S.

    Read and weep.


  38. Jack Moss Says:

    Another point about 4g. Had it on my Verizon Droid and after about two months of having to charge it like 2 times a day I ditched it for the much longer lasting iPhone 4s. Oh, and it won’t get better with “Ice Cream”, just to cover that point when it arises. Just as an aside I work for our county IT and we have hundreds of droids and iPhones 4 (employee choice), I trouble shoot far more droids than iPhones. But to be fair it’s “To each his own”, but I’ve never had to fix an iPhone in the 3 years I’ve supported them, and I can’t say that for the droids. Later this year I’m dropping support for droids and we’re going all iPhone4s across the board.

  39. Ronald Says:

    Its obviously not an objective review so there isn’t a lot of point in trying to paint the other side of the story. It doesn’t do the author any credit that he considers Siri to be comparable with previous incarnations of voice control. Yes, Apple like to pitch their latest service as groundbreaking when the technology already exists, but it is the implementation that counts, Apple don’t do it first, they do it right.

    Believe it or not, some people don’t want to be able to change their onscreen keyboard, or install trojans pretending to be apps, or run a task manager constantly to make sure they don’t run out of memory. The added control you get with Android has its drawbacks and therefore does not suit everyone. Some people are happy to let Apple make the decisions for them as they want a seamless and enjoyable user experience, which only the iPhone delivers.

    The iPhone is not the ‘best’ phone, and neither is Android the ‘best’ OS. They suit different people and different needs. From my experience, geeks like Android, everyone else likes iPhones. I don’t understand what the point is in trying to argue that your preferred OS is better – are people really trying to convince the literally millions of customers of the competing platform that they are wrong and should switch? Maybe, just maybe, there is a reason why so many millions of people have made their choice.

  40. gingerx Says:

    I love my droid OS….except for the excessive bloatware that continues to turn on after being turned off again and again, sapping memory and slowing down otherwise what is a good device. For this reason alone, my next phone probably will be an iPhone once I’m at contract end. Oh and since I’ve had this LG Ally (Verizon rep told me 90% of problems are LG), it has become less and less sensitive to calls. I used to receive calls in my basement, no more. I have updated cell towers etc. I will never by an LG phone again….even if they offer iPhones.

  41. James Says:

    I’m tired of listening to fanboys, both the apple ones and the fandroids. In Canada android sucks, I had an htc hero and it was bad. Really bad, bad enough that I am never buying another android again, seeing as I don’t want a crapberry the only choice I have is the iPhone 4. Seeing as a new android comes out every other day if I change my mind it’s not as if I can’t jump the fandroid bandwagon again, although I doubt it seeing as I hated the android os. If samsung and apple worked out their stupid problem before the iPhone 5 comes out… If they do the iPhone 5 will be great if not I’ll be going pre paid because all of the top tier smartphones will suck. Apple will have no change, android will have it’s laggy os, and blackberrys will just continue to suck in every field.

  42. Lisa McLaughlin Says:

    The keyboard on the IPhone doesn’t lag like the Androids.. I had a Droid X and I loved it until the latest major update. After that, the keyboard froze sometimes and lagged all the time . I now have an IPhone and I love it! Cant wait for an untethered jailbreak though….

  43. Kelly Says:

    If I choose to buy an Android, can I use any of the music on my Itunes on my new Android device?

  44. superbob Says:

    I think the point of the article is this: Apple promotes their products as something revolutionary, even though similar products have had similar or superior features for quite some time.

    Apple makes devices for people who are technologically inclined, for those of you who defend Apple as the innovator of our time, they are not, their marketing is.

  45. Green Lantern Says:

    talking about best camera that iphone4s has. Do you know its the same as on newer sonyericsson phones ?

  46. Qc Says:

    Let me say something here. I am not trying to take sides but I guess I am taking sides. I currently have a Google phone and so far no Iphone yet. But I do have the IMac and my family uses Iphone. Although my Google phone has the things that an Iphone may not have but I am not sure if I enjoy it that much. Camera horrible. It could not take very good pictures comparing to the Iphone. My family only has 3G Iphone but they take far better pictures than mine. Now, lets go the apps. The free apps that I downloaded on my Google phone is so sad. What I meant by that is that my sister downloaded free apps too on her 3G Iphone. The quality of the apps are far better with Apple in just the free apps. With that, I will not pay for apps with my phone. I may consider paying for the apps on Iphone when I get one. Speaking of the phone turning itself on and off. I hate that. Why? It is my phone and I should have the power to turn it off if I needed to. I don’t need the phone to turn itself on. Who pays the bill here??? May I say that even the Iphone may cost a bit more upfront but its quality is tremendous. The big difference is that I can trust APPLE in its quality and long term benefits. I was never an APPLY user before but I am now in love with the Imac and definitely love the Iphone. As soon as I get the opportunity, I will get an Iphone. Yeah, I had a Blackberry before and I loved it but it was just too slow and burned battery life too fast.

  47. Dusty Says:

    I think those bashing the iPhone need to grow up, and the apple fanboys bashing android need to grow up. It’s a personal preference, I tried both, I prefer Android because it offers a lot more functionality and customization. However, the iPhone is a great phone and I would recommend it to most out there because of its simplicity.

  48. Palms Says:

    Let us not forget Speaktoit for Android, which Siri seems to be a complete copy of. The main difference that I noticed when comparing Siri and Speaktoit side by side was that Speaktoit seemed to work way better. Probably because it’s been around longer. Also nice that it works on most Android phones (not just the latest model) and is free at the Marketplace. So I think the “Siri advantage” for IPhone 4S is nullified with Speaktoit.

  49. Jeff, Orlando FL Says:

    I’ve been investigating smartphone options for a while. I was a long time Black Berry user because it was the only phone that I could find that would allow me to increase the font sizes from microdot to legible. In all of my research, the iPhone is the only device that has built in screen magnification for the vision impaired. I’m not just referring to the ability to zoom in on a photo or web page, it maginifies the entire screen where ever you are at — home screen, in an app, mail, whatever is being displayed is magnified. In addition, the iPhone boasts a fantastic voice over app which reads the entire content of the screen. I haven’t found anything that provides that level of functionality on the Android platform. This is one edge the iPhone has over android at this time. That may change if phone manufacturers begin to include accessibility functions within the phones. For now, I’m an avid iPhone user for this reason.

  50. stex69 Says:

    Love how everyone always has the same cracks on the iphone. I bought my iphone to replace a droid short time ago and will never go back. First, the screen issue. The retina display is unmatched, and yeah “only” 3.5 inches, but really I don’t want it to be larger. It’s a phone people!!! Not a multimedia device. I don’t want to watch movies on it. I want to be able to control it while holding it with one hand. Larger screen means two hand navigation. Second, 4G is a non issue at this point. Yeah it seems nice, but until there are more towers to actually utilize it, who cares. By the time there are, there will be an iphone capable of it. I’ll take my longer battery life for now. Finally, the product just works. Take a look at the number of service complaints against droids, end game. Maybe next time droid fanboys.

  51. AJ Says:

    Go to ANY carrier store, and see what phones they have. Over 80% of carrier store employees have android, cause they know the pros outweigh the cons, when it comes to getting an android. Dare you to go to a Best Buy Mobile and find someone who recommends an iPhone over a 4G android, without saying everything you own is apple.

  52. KD Says:

    What makes me laugh about the Fanboys is the choose to ignore the obvious lack of features on the iPhone. Now, I owned an iPhone for a year, and I liked the interface, but I hated the fact I could not connect it to a computer without going through itunes.

    I now have an Android phone, a low end one too I might add and it runs circles around my old iPhone for 2 simple reasons.

    1. I can connect it to any computer via usb and transfer files
    2. I can but an SD card in it.

    Don’t get me started on customisation… keyboard, widgets, notofication… etc etc oh yeah and the price, unlocked, outright purchase $188 Australian Dollars, same screen size as iPhone! What’s not to like?

  53. carlos Says:

    And now with the samsung galaxy nexus running android 4.0, it can do all of these features.

  54. TM Says:

    What about other basic stuff like:
    – Contacts: Android automatically suggest duplicates and links them better than on iPhone. And don’t get me started on the pictures. Android automatically pulls in Photos from either FB and/or Gmail. On the iphone, you need to actually take a picture of the person. WTF? that is so flip phone days…
    – Calendars: if you used multiple calendars such as Google calendars, you will not be able to see them on iPhone. Android can also color code your calendars so you can see the what item belongs to what.
    – Maps and Navigation. Ok.. Hands down Google Maps with Voice Navigation. No challenge here. Extremely handy if you’re using a car rental equipped with Microsoft Sync which can stream all your music and voice navigation over the radio via bluetooth sync.

    Still for users that are new to smartphones, it may make sense for them to start out with the iPhone since it provides that Fisher Price or Wii type of experience. Power users definitely will benefit from Android based phones. Of course that leaves us to Enterprise users. With the lack of Android providing access to L3 layer of the OS, there will not be any secure vpn options available. Please correct me if this has changed with Ice Cream Sandwich…

  55. Gerjannn Says:

    Why should you let Apple choose what you want or don’t want on your phone? It’s YOUR phone, so YOU should choose what to do.

    And why, why do it needs iTunes? That crappy program, and if your friend got a nice album on his pc, he needs to download iTunes first, cause you can’t transfer it via any computer. Also, more storage, if you have a 16gb sd card, you can buy a 32gb if you like to (they get only cheaper). Not possible on iPhone.

    And Android difficult? LOL no, it is easy to use. And the pro is, you can make it as difficult as you want, Launchers, Widgetlocker, Custom ROM’s.. And widgets, they are great. even iPhone sees that Widgets are great, they copying it right now with iOS5. And camera button on lockscreen, HTC anyone? Even the pull-down notification-bar.

  56. Droidside Says:

    Android, like democracy, is open and free. It is an OS operated by the people for the people. Also, just like democracy, sometimes, Android is not perfect. Yes, there is lag sometimes, and yes, there are hiccups, but overall, democracy, like Android, is a good thing. Mature Android users understand and stay-why? Because ultimately, they get to decide what to do with their phone. Want to switch out some stocks on your phone? Great. Android is not against that. Widgets? Those are welcome all the time. How about USB, File management, and a larger screen? Great, Android does not discriminate.

    Now, Iphone, like a bearded, iron fisted Communist Olympic coach, works efficiently. Some would say all the time; some like my brother in law would disagree. He will be defecting to Android, for the same reasons stated above. Democracy is good, choice is good. Now, the Iphone is efficient; it is fast. But, you have to do what the communist coach says. There are restrictions, and it is upon those restrictions that Iphone is able to “blitzkriegly” fast. I use communist and facist terms to describe the IOS on purpose. It is difficult to describe a system that derives its efficiency from discrimination.

    So, some people prefer democracy and choice. They are aware of the problems, but embrace the beauty of being able to choose for one’s self. Others, prefer single minded efficiency, but don’t mind paying the bearded communist piper. In the end, it is all preference.

    With regards to who copied who, i believe that no one will win. Why? It’s The same reason that Metallica can’t sue every band that uses the E and F chord over and over. It’s also the same reason that Ford can’t sue companies that design cars with 4 wheels, an engine and 4 doors. If Apple was truly after copyright infringement, then they would go after the Chinese factories making the blatantly fake Iphone 4’s. But then again, why would they? None of those Chinese factories can pay….

  57. Fandroid Says:

    LOL, I pay under $50 for my galaxy S per month no contract…sigh…..what shall i do with my monies!? pay for better resolution camera??? or pay to slow down my connection speed???

  58. EnjoyYoPhonesFoo Says:

    Everyone enjoy your phones! Don’t be little kids and fight about whose is better or insult people because of their choices. I really don’t understand why everyone gets all bent out of shape over the apple vs. droid thing. Grow up!

  59. leavingBB Says:

    The one area where the iDevices are really behind the 8-Ball is LTE speed. If you happen to live in an area where VZW has LTE coverage, the speed is AWESOME. I am seeing 21+ Mb/s down reliably with my RAZR on the S.F. peninsula. There have been numerous times where I and some co-workers would be out of the office on our Lunch break, and we would get the same e-mail with a large attachment (.XLS or .PPT). I have read and responded to the attachment while the co-workers with the iPhone 4S are waiting for the download to complete.

  60. GalaxyII Says:

    Iphones are what they are. An apple based, app operated, limiting utensil that is great for simple minded individuals that need to have their hands held through operating a piece of technology. The fact that you can’t plug your iphone to any computer and run with it is sad! If you’re paying twice as much for the latest iphone as opposed to a droid you want it to give you a happy ending when you’re done with it. Not have to download a program just to interpret what a happy ending is. The screen size is a drag too but the biggest downfall about it (minus the fact that it doesn’t offer 3D high res like the droid) is that it’s made out of glass!!! People who live in stone planets should not drop glass!!! Drop a droid and the worst that could happen is the battery MIGHT fall out and you get a scratch on it. I have had droids since they were available and let me tell ya, they have come a long way! Yes they used to go through battery life quick. Yes their picture quality used to be not so good. Yes they were limited on app availability. Yes they release now droid phones a few times every year but, the reason they make new phones constantly is to let the people enjoy technology advancement as soon as it is available to them. iphones came out 1st yes… Once the droids were released they were new to the game but now they have surpassed and iphone available and are continuing to do it multiple times a year! My phone’s battery life now lasts all day. even when playing on the internet for hours at a time, texting, calling, and using gps. That problem is solved. The picture quality I have on my phone for pictures and videos is amazing! No blurs and the definition is great! auto focus even. Compared to a couple of my friends who have switched to the iphone recently, and regret it, my phone is way faster and easier to do a hundred things at once instead of swiping through pages of apps on your screen. Everything from facebook, myspace, yahoo mail, google mail, and my calender on all of them as well as my computer are all linked through my phone, contacts, numbers, events, birthdays, and email addresses. Iphone has twitter??? Who uses twitter that has a productive life? I agree that everyone is allowed to use the phone of their choice. If you are comfortable with one as opposed to the other than have at it. I love my galaxy s 2 and wouldn’t get rid of it for anything. Well maybe in a few months when another iphone beating droid comes out. Or maybe a few months after that when another one even better than that is released…

  61. mrmarktwain01 Says:

    All it seems now is that these Frandroids are gettin there ass beaten by apple. the iphone 4s has 4g speed and are just as fast as any android. no it doesnt have that much costomizable content on it but its incredably easy to use. the next droid will claim to have a “new retina display” that they made on their own, when all they are really doing is copying pretty much every thing apple has done right. GO APPLE!!

    R.I.P steve jobs…

  62. Steve Says:

    I can feel the anger in isheeps upon reading this article because they are struggling against the augmented reality. They are still back in the medieval era where google phones shows BOS when playing happy birds. They are still comfortable with a small screen that 3 of their fingers can cover the entire area. They feel proud when everyone is holding the same shinny paperweight. They feel secured when they cannot send files via bluetooth as other people cannot send malwares to them too. They love to absorb radiation because their FM radio works by transmitting gprs data. They still need a physical home button because the square symbolise god. They hate moving objects on their homescreen because their eyes have problem catching moving objects. They hate to be able to change battery because they love their battery to it’s death. They love to flaunt their benchmark because they trust numbers more than anything else. They hate flash because they thought they are living with future technology HTML5. They have their parents to pay for their phone so might as well get the most expensive. They don’t care about earth because apple did not do a great job in controlling it’s supplier chain from causing pollutions, yes they have manager to supervise every plants in china. Siri is their girlfriend. They do not have money to buy a 64gb after buying their iphone. They think rectina is a new technology and that a super amoled hd 4.65 inch with a ppi of 316 is only available on Mars. They love to put condom over their phone if not their precious paperweight will be scuffed. 9/10 isheeps still think that iphone 4s is the coolest phone around when it looks exactly the same as the last gen. 9.9/10 isheeps have never heard of nvidia tegra 3 and have never known that developers are paid to optimise their games for the chipset. 9.99/10 isheeps thought that the search engine, youtube, email they are using are actually made by apple not orange. They don’t mind getting stucked with the same ui until their contracts over. They will lick steve jobs feet even if he is lying in the coffin.

    Written by a professional psychiatrist who specialise in the behavior of sheeps over dated technology.

  63. Sexbat Says:

    droids are for pro users, iphones, for newbies,
    thats why many people complain on a buggy android, because they don’t know how to use it,
    i own a feature phone,
    it beats iphone for i have free unlimited access on the internet. and im planning to buy a droid doing the same thing, hacking into free internet. haha

  64. TechSexy Says:

    From experience with both here are the results

    Top 3 OS
    1. Jailbroken IOS
    2. Android OS
    3. IOS Stock

    Top 3 phones
    1. HTC Rezound
    2. Galaxy S2
    3. Iphone 4s

    Top 3 features of smartphones
    1. Bigger screen & longer battery life
    2. Apps
    3. 4g speed

  65. BillyB Says:

    Sorry, I stopped reading when your review started with “I haven’t yet had the chance to test out Siri”

  66. BLONDY Says:

    People keep referring to the Iphone as simple! I just switched from Android to Iphone and it is driving me insane everything is so much complicated and I hate the fact that I have to keep connecting it to my laptop ( itunes) It is time consuming and irrtating. The android is so simple to use and it is basically like a computer itself. Iphone is a big rip off apple wants you to pay and pay and pay more…..Im going back to android….

  67. Isaac Yeh Says:

    So anyways, I have this really old motorola phone. It’s pretty freaking useless, I can text and Call people and I have a dice app that came with the phone. But guess what both the iphone and android lack that my crappy phone has Durability and Battery Life. That’s Right I dropped my phone of the second story of my apartment and do want to know what happened? Nothing, except maybe that the back cover popped off a bit and as for battery life, I keep that thing on for three days straight and you know what I still have power. Anyways I’m just saying both these guys need to step up their game.

  68. John Says:

    I have been able to get 6-8 mb’s maybe its just my area I live in New York and what some one posted Nokia phones are better than iphone till now maybe until windows phone 7 came on Nokia, Nokia’s CEO said until now we still don’t have a phone to match iphone 1st gen and iphone 4s there where rumors where they where going to put nfc chips on handsets but security issues. Yes there are many selection of Android” smartphones but a new Android phone might come out a week late hell a day later but iphone your guarante to have 1year so Android your compete against Android and ios while ios is against Android. While iphone is able to get a new update for a number of years like the 3gs still gets ios5 when the Android” won’t be guarante to get the new update and only so few have the latest and greatest Android platform. So Android” is really Htc vs Samsung vs Motorola excetra. These are the few reason why I don’t like Android don’t get me wrong Android is great I have a evo 4g and I love it but my hands are small and I like to use one hand for everything with the evo4g it covers my whole hand so I have to use my other hand to navigate.
    Main reason why I Enjoy iphone better because when you go out everyone know’s what phone you have but if you have Android unless you have the latest and greatest people don’t know what phone you have I’m a teenager age 19 and I don’t show of but I hate it when people show of so iphone is guarante to be the latest and greatest ios device for one year unless if your a phone W**** and spend 100,000’s on phones Stick with iphone!

  69. John Says:

    I have a Galaxy SII and my friend at work has the Iphone 4S. We’ve had a couple of weeks to mess around with both phones. He is trying to sell his 4S to move to the Galaxy SII.

    ‘Nuff said.

  70. Chris Says:

    I really think all the Iphone 4S fanboys are just ticked off about this article because it really does reveal the Iphone for what it is. Over hyped and over priced.

    I have a Galaxy SII and the only technical thing the Iphone has over the SII is the higher pixel count…on paper. The SII has AMOLED and is amazing to see. My friends with the 4S all are envious of the screen on the SII. If you have a chance to use both phones you will be blown away with the screen on the SII.

    I have the Tmobile variant with the 4.5″ screen and the 1.5Ghz dual core processor. The best of the best.

    I have had my share of Iphones in the past but I honestly can say that the Galaxy SII is a better phone and the 4G speed is blazing fast. I was in Dallas last week and was getting 20Meg downloads tethered. I am in a Atlanta suburb…45 miles away from downtown and am getting 12Meg right now. Battery life is better on 4G versus wifi PERIOD….and when tethered the phone uses NO battery since it is charging.

    There are a boat load of custom roms for the phone and the new Ice Cream 4.0 Operating System is upon us now.

    Samsung is the number one producer of Smartphones. Android is the number one OS.

    History is repeating itself.

    Apple Mac was number one.
    Enter the PC clones and various OS’s.
    Apple is now one in 20 of the PC’s in the world with 1/10th the available software(and Linux has done it all way before Windows or Mac OS whatever….)

    Apple Iphone was number one.
    Enter the Android OS (OS=operating system and OPEN SOURCE in the case of Android ;)
    We have said goodbye to the Iphones dominance and the overpriced and overhyped nature of Apple once again.

  71. Adriaan Bakker Says:

    I once believed the androids were a better phone, so I retired my iphone 3g and signed a contract for a new sony ericsson xperia acr, out of the box it was very impressive when stacked up against the available iphone 4, huge screen 8mp camera ect ect…. well I could never get used to the clumsy keyboard, I only installed “trusted apps” and the phone started to act up all the time, I had to do everything 3 times because it would crash or freeze. I called the support line, and they told me to plug the phone in to the computer for a reset, great not what I wanted to do but I was desperate so I tried, well no matter what I did no computer would reconize the phone when I plugged it in. So I would have to live with it. One morning the phone froze with the alarm on, I was still asleep and angry so I threw it against the dresser not even that hard. (I’ve thrown my old iphone much harder). The phone was done it still worked but the screen was cracked. I didn’t want it any more. Put my chip back into the old 3g, Its works reliably never crashes, and every app I install is a good quality app. I now have a iphone 4 and really like it, I will rock the iphone 4 till the new iphone 5 comes out. Iphone user for life

  72. Jesse Says:

    I did my own trial. I owned both an iPhone 4s and the galaxy s2 skyrocket for 2 weeks. I know on paper the s2 was faster. But I noticed no difference between the two phones as far as speed. At times either were faster. But not by much. The bigger screen on the s2 is nice however I don’t feel a big screen is better than the retina display. It’s like saying you’d take a 40 inch flat screen tv with no hd vs a 32 inch tv with hd. I would take the smaller screen in that case as well. Customization the s2 wins. BUT. I don’t feel that I need widgets and a different looking battery and live wallpaper and all this other stuff that makes everything cluttered and a big cluster of crap. Also the apps. Unfortunately the android market is not up to par with app store. There’s not many official apps and the quality control of certain apps on the apple store are the real deal a lot of apps on the droid market are half assed and buggy. A person that never has had an iPhone will like the droid more. But if you have owned the iPhone all your life and switch to a droid full hearted. There will be a lot of things you will miss. Like retina display ease of use and phone quality. Everything on the iPhone is pretty mastered to perfection as far as almost everything. The droids are more of jack of all trades masters of none. But I will point out that the future of things for apple looks better than droids. Droids are pretty much maxed out in capability. While apple perfects a feature one by one then releases it as a phone upgrade which kinda sucks but you still get a great end result. One last thing. The whole iPhone phones are for kids and non tech people is real bs. I’m highly into technology and love modification. However. When it comes to my personal phone that I use daily integrated for work and play the iPhone 4s suits my needs perfectly. As of now I feel the iPhone is still long of the hill but the gap is a lot smaller now. Only the future will tell. I feel the iPhone 5 will be a monster. Because apple feels a bit of pressure from the droid market they will be forced to unleash some power sooner than later. Apple has a lot of secret power withheld.

  73. Abbery Says:

    Android is the best only that the iPhone has a front camra

  74. 2flyy Says:

    A whole article explaining why the platform is better? Funny

    iOS let’s you control any devices and computers in your house from your phone thru apple tv! iCloud just as awesome when it comes to sharing between devices. Android isn’t there yet nor as refined.

    Droid razr? no removable battery I hear… Haha. dual and quad core processors? Why slow when compared to iPhone 4s if rated higher?

    Apple is a refined product that works extremely well in all areas. Some droids do things well but not all things. Samsung this, nexus that, But you can get a $50 android go phone at bestbuy. Don’t scream quality when you sell your product to the lowest bidder.

    4g? America doesn’t even know what 4g is, when America is ready and the big 4 come to terms with 4g themselves, Apple will make the 4g cabable iPhone. With iffy technology it’s a dumb investment because it means a bigger battery on something that’s not even finalized or widespread. 80% of the people crying 4g live in a 3G area. Lol

    These blogs are so funny!

  75. Brandon Says:

    As an owner of the iPhone 4s, Galaxy SII, and HTC Inspire 4G.
    I cannot believe there is still talk over this. iPhone 4S is just better. It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s beautiful.
    I started with the inspire, bought the 4s, then, reluctantly, bought the galaxy SII. After using the android phones I noticed I have 17 non stock apps. Even with this few apps, my battery sucks. Downloaded task manager to keep battery optimized, doesn’t help.
    And saying you can download anything you want means NOTHING! You fandroids act as if the iPhone doesn’t have jailbreak. Since its been deemed officially legal. You get the opportunity to download way more than android has to offer. And about the screen size. If you’re 50+ years old. Fine. Android #1. Other than that. You know why the screen same size as its always been? Because anyone with common sense knows you don’t fix what’s not broken. Personally the larger screens annoy me. With a case on those big screens it’s barely able to fit in my pocket. And that’s redicilous.

    Over all I think android is good. But other than the fact that you tied down with iTunes. iPhone is better. iPhone jailbroken best. By far.

  76. Brandon Says:

    “I haven’t yet had the chance to test out Siri”
    Your bagging on the iPhone 4s when you HAVEN’T EVEN TRIED IT YET!
    How biased. I don’t see how this article gets any credibility.

  77. thunder Says:

    i pay 30 per month from tmobile for unlimited text and 4g data speeds up to 5 GB(then it slows down to iphone speeds lol) only 100 mins but there apps to get around that. my samsung galaxy s2 does all that(im not sure about World Phone Capability but im not ever going out side the USA)

  78. Favio Says:

    Androids suck that’s why everyone is switching to iPhone because iPhones don’t f***up like droid phones but anyways at the end of the day apple wins no matter what :) love my iPhone!

  79. Brandon Says:

    Samsung manufactures 26% of the parts in your iPhone.
    The only thing Apple had going for them was their software, and they don’t even do that themselves anymore.
    iSheep, the lot of you. Congratulations on paying $500+ for software. Idiots.

  80. steve jobs Says:

    I as the ceo of apple myself use android
    My I phone 4s sucks even I phone 5 sucks.
    SE XPERIA S is way better than I phone it have 12 mp camera better screen than I phone (more pixel density) android 4.0, 360 degre transperent touch sensetive key duel processor and it is stylish to…
    I phone sucks…..

  81. Carmelapples Says:

    I love how android has to have all of there phones combined to compare with just one phone. So basically if you buy an android phone, you might have some of the features, but then apple kicks your ass. Oh yeah by the way, nice threading system you got there, next time your in your android phone and it lags, it’s because of its inferior threading system. Which is why it will never have a quality UI or fast apps.

  82. deathnote Says:

    android is technology while apple is a cult.

  83. Booboo Says:

    The iphone is alright. However I can do what I want with my HTC Sensation right on the phone without need a computer. Yes I use a pc and I’m sure itunes would run 110% better on a Mac but it lags on my computer!

  84. Kemkem Says:

    Is it not a shame that you are comparing one phone to multiple of phones. Even with that, iPhone still beats all these phones hands down.

  85. pete Says:

    Apple makes decent quality stuff. However Android, for me anyways, is simply better despite it’s faults. I used iTunes for years. I absolutely loathe it, it’s a terrible program and way too restricting. I also like to have choices. Not just in hardware but in what I put on it and how I do it. My EVO is much more of an independant computing device than an iPhone, and I like that. I don’t have to install ANYTHING on ANY COMPUTER to use my phone to it’s fullest extent. What could be easier? I have never really understood people who complain that Android is too complicated. Different than what you are used to does not mean complicated.

    The bottom line is I never want to lock myself into a proprietary hardware and software world ever again. For some people, that’s not important, and Apple serves them well. For me, I love my 4.3″ 4G 3D phone. I have zero regrets.

    And oh yeah, for those of you arguing about who is copying who, may I remind you that there were smartphones before Apple entered the market. Phones that the iPhone couldn’t match in functionality for several years.

  86. Rationality people Says:

    You know what really bothers me in these comments? The characterization that everyone who uses an Apple product is “dim witted” or “simple minded”. There are plenty of smart people who don’t want invest all their time and energy into trying to figure out complicated smartphones, and that’s where Apple wins. Just because people prioritize functionality doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

    This article is incredibly biased, and the comments on here are ridiculous. IT’S JUST A DAMN PHONE PEOPLE. Some of you act like choosing an Android over an iPhone or choosing an iPhone over an Android is a crime that should be punishable by death. IT’S A CHOICE. Personally I chose the iPhone 4S because I’m lazy, don’t want to have to figure out an Android. Plus I’m a girl and I like the nice double sided camera to take pictures with.

    So am I stupid? Am I a dimwitted cult following sheep because I chose a different phone from what you prefer? I’m attending a top 10 university this fall, I have a 4.4 weighted GPA and I actually have a social life. I may be a conceited bitch but at least I have better things to do than get worked up over phones.

  87. JB Says:

    Android sucks. I have both the international samsung galaxy s2 white and iphone 4s. Yes the design of the p3hone is nice and larger screen but thats about it. Who cares if the specks of a phone is good when the software sucks?? First the key board sucks it does not compare with the iphone. The battery life sucks and finally on stock OS why are the icon sizes different.?? Some websites trying to stream videos do not work as well. Talking about the Play Store (Market) yes there are the most popular apps but how fast do they get updated?? It takes forever. Who really cares about customization vs stability?? Im coming for the top of the line android phone just isn’t as stable as the IOS!! Plus the quality of the 8mp camera on the galaxy s2 is not as good as the iphone 4s. The touch screen is just not as smooth as the iphone. So there it is coming from both phones, android has alot of improvements to make.

  88. John Says:

    @ Rationality: you attending a top 10 university and having a 4.4 weighted GPA doesn’t exempt you from being “simple minded or dimwitted.” Having book smarts doesn’t make you the queen of the earth; and you yourself said you’re lazy on figuring out a phone that isn’t named Iphone and conceited so that kinda proves that you’re too narrow minded to figure stuff yourself – I mean, it’s just a damn phone, how hard could it be.

  89. InMo Says:

    Android like Democracy? You guys are insane crackpots.

    What is Android like? Consider that the only popular Android phones are the ones that copied the iPhone. iPhone is currently selling better than all of Android combined, despite Android phones being more numerous in numbers, on more carriers, and in many cases being given away for free with a contract. While Android has options, it is clear Apple has provided a more popular option than all the Android options combined.

  90. ANDRO BOY Says:

    Apple is trash. I hope you can embed that in ure dna so your kids dont come out loving apple. Samsung makes the guts inside iphone checkmate fools. Dont bit the hand that feeds. Samsung owns apple. Apple has always been a junk product overpriced bs. PC AND MAC ALL OVER AGAIN GUESS WHO WINS. ANDROID


    Apple doesn’t have 4g.
    When you drop an iphone the screen cracks.
    When you drop an android, the cement cracks.

  92. Apple rulz Says:

    Just remeber that apple come out with one product every year and runs on one software. You idiots are stupid if you think waiting for 6 months for f***ing gingerbread to come out. But find out that your phone isnt able to get it for another 3 months. Yeah andoid is REALLY awsome. Im just waiting for the next iphone to come out and have a larger screen and 4g. Apple is and will remain on top for many years to come. (Mrmarktwain01@yahoo.com)

  93. Jose Says:

    Bah who gives a Crap ,I do believe that APPLE right now is just dicking with people adding crap on the phone thats been available on phones since IDK forever!!But at the same time i got to say that they got it right cuz their Hardware was designed for the Software unlike the Android which slowly but Surly have had to find the perfect combination which is the Samung Galaxy S2(getting it soon).They are Both Good Phones and OS.I personally Pick the Android in this battle mainly cuz i dont like to be Raped by a company that sells old features like brand new ones and sell a brand new phone with old shit every 6 months,which they are doing with the IPAD now.

    They are both user friendly ,I know for a fact that the Android is ez to use im Running a Samsung Admire and if my EX girlfriend found the IPHONE OS EASY to use for FU**S sake it must be user friendly too ,cuz she aint to tech savy.

    Buy what you will ,who cares .

  94. Your mom Says:

    Finally, someone fawking gets it. This is all true, but he left some important stuff out. How about the Flash capability? With Adobe Flash, android users have a much wider software interface. With the new 4.0.3 Gingerbread, Apple is left behind in the dust.
    Neither Apple nor Android have the “best” camera that phones have seen, the new Nokia 808 PureView has a 41 Megapixel camera… It’s unimaginable, but true.
    [Continued from Above]
    Overall, all Android haters are just jealous that they have no knowledge of how to use the Android’s advanced interface, they use Apple products because it’s “in” and it’s simple and easy. Most Apple users don’t even know how to jailbreak considering how easy it is compared to rooting for Android.
    Go finish your homework.

  95. Evgeny Says:

    iPhones are overengineered, undervalued and extortionately overpriced. The single phone business model would eventually crash and burn (Motorola Razr a perfect example). The iPhone is just one phone and obviously should not be compared to the mass of Androids around. Androids offer choice, and gives the consumer to pick the phone that suits. Some phones are actually very good value, while top end phones offer the latest technology.
    8MP camera? So what? I would still prefer a traditional film camera for taking serious photos.
    Siri? And? Gimmicky at best.
    Improved reception/call signal? Yeah, Nokia mobiles from a decade ago probably offer better and more reliable call quality.
    Duo core? No big deal, ever heard of quad core? I have my laptop around anyway, if I actually need that much computing power.
    The fact is that Apple has been very clever with their marketing, getting many people excited about features that they don’t really need or even use frequently. Sometimes, they are actually able to persuade sell their products on USPs that are not unique or even their own – the first touchscreen phone was LG Prada, for example.
    Many iPhone/Apple users are fanatically devoted to Apple. Most have been reluctant/afraid to try other products, even when they offer a perfectly viable (if not superior in certain cases) alternative, and simply reject them out of hand.

  96. Voice of Reason Says:

    What about competitive pricing? Budget friendly Android Smartphones are available for free for new customers or 2-year contract agreements. 16gb iPhone $199 for new customers and 2-year contract agreements. The Samsung Galaxy SII 16 gb, which is high-end android, is available on Amazon for a penny for New customers and 2-year upgrades. Also I was able to find a 64gb microsd card for $45 on Amazon if the memory is real deal breaker. So, Samsung Galaxy SII with roughly 64+16= 80gb of memory for $45.01 (Plus shipping and tax) vs. 64gb iPhone $399.99.

  97. Alyssa Says:

    Ok you guys are all stupid. Who cares about what’s better and crap like that just b lucky that America has these things but you guys are going to sit here and fight about what’s better. I have an apple iPod 4gen and a Samsung infuse and I use them both everyday. Yes something’s I like more on one than the other. But I’m at least glad I have them. There will always be something better out there but guess what who cares if u like your phone good for you. If u don’t then suck it up and move on. You are all waiting your lives sitting here arguing about what’s better. Obviously you won’t change the other guys mind so y sit here like rguing and acting like teenagers. get off your computers and get some lives. I would like to add that I am 15 and I’m acting more mature then all of you! Grow up. Smh

  98. Arx Says:

    iZombies everywhere.. Android rulez

  99. heathexer Says:

    Oh look, ipbone worshippers have decided to call us fandroids. Well I propose we call u idiots iFags

  100. donald Says:

    come on people, windows can do lot more then either iphone and android, iphone cost way too mush, and they will be going belly up agian soon, android has no support at all, 4.0 will mess up your tablet big time.

  101. CryMeARiver Says:

    Im so sick of everyone arguing about whos better, iPhone vs Android, xbox vs ps3, cool features vs cool features. If you enjoy using something then use it. Everyone has their personal preference. I have a galaxy s2, iPod 4thg, iPad, xbox, ps3, roku box, etc…. and love features from everyone. I buy based on what makes me feel its cool not what someone else thinks. Can’t we all just geek along.

  102. Mek Says:

    it’s just plain stupid..

    Android gives you a lot of choices, some you may end up w/ regrets..
    Apple picks the best and put in one device so you don’t have to choose,

    That’s why there’s no variation of iphones,..

    FACT iphones are way better than androids AS OF TODAY. period.

  103. Jordan Says:

    Yup as a proud owner of every android phone I can now get all the features of just one IPHONE :D. And on top of it…my speech recognition doesnt even work! :)

  104. Jordan Says:

    A jailbroken Iphone gets all those customizable features of android in a much better overal phone that doesnt feel like a cheap piece of plastic

  105. Critic Says:

    You have to admit, Apple is AMAZING…. at brainwashing people. They have brainwashed and created an Apple Cult, who will believe ANYTHING that apple says. I mean anything! If apple tells them that Apple invented smartphone and invented all features in iOS and everyone just ripped it off them. They will believe it 100%. How do I know? Cuz my younger bro is one of them. He is already 16 years old and despite the numerous times I have proven him wrong about his mindless misconception of Apple, he still believes that Apple creates them all.

    For example, he mindlessly believes that each apple product is MAGICAL AND REVOLUTIONARY! Like when 4S came out, he thought that it was the FIRST DUAL CORE phone in the planet! I was like, gtfo! It was a tech released by tons of other smartphone makers in like 2 years prior! Also get this, this is the best, but he believes that Apple’s Facetime is the most hightech feature made by Apple and everyone else like Yahoo video calling, Skype, Google video, etc. just ripped it off Apple. Now I keep telling him to do his research properly and he is always getting owned by that fact, but even with the knowledge that Apple is ripping off from everyone else. What do you think my bro thought about Apple?

    He said: “Who cares? At the end of the day, Apple is still cool!”

    I seriously thought he was hopeless and that also gave me a great idea to penetrate a market where I would simply brainwash people and sell them garbage for thousands of dollars, and make them all think its cool! Apple = greatest brainwashing company of all time!

  106. Cyyrus Says:


    The only good thing about the IPHONE is that people already know how to use the interface cuz its the same interface on every single device by apple, and that the IPHONE has a stronger CPU and GPU than half the older android carriers out there which is why people say that iphones lag less but they dont realize its the hardware not the operating system, there are many iSTORES that can help fix ipod products universely, there are many docs and the chargers that are almost all compatible universely.

    Other than that i find iphone to be stale and repetivive, uncustomizable for UI without jail breaking (illegal and warranty violation), and unevolving in design, UI or data plan which had promised 4G but sold the apple fans short and replaced it with SIRI.

    IPHONES cost soo much for STORAGE and BRAND NAME. Also they have to make the screens so fragile so that ppl will buy their own screen protectors and iphone cases which is extra money and so that people don’t easily lose their iphones with other peoples iphones since it has no uniqueness in design watsoever. I dropped my android phone (mytouch) out of my pocket 6 – 7 times and i only have a small scratch on the back panel. No damage on the screen.

    honestly i think the reason why ppl buy iphones is because they are either brand name loyal, there are many docs available, they are familiar with it, and its been out there longer and better advertisement and because so many ppl had ipods and itouches and imacs.

  107. Emperor of the Universe Says:

    No one cares.

  108. Silicon Digits Says:

    It’s hard to believe this article from last year is still relevant today… for all the same reasons, iPhone is lagging behind Android.

    If it weren’t for build quality and the whole “it just works” attention to detail and quality control, and the fact you get to belong to an ecosystem where everyone else on it is standardized (FaceTime, iMessage, etc.), then the iPhone would already be a goner.

  109. BigRed Says:

    I was set on buying a Iphone 5 till I saw and used the Samsung Galaxy S3 and what sold me ?

    1. Consumer Replacable battery Why is that important well the phone i replaced was a Voyager and I tend to keep my phones for a very long time. I believe I have purchased at least 5 replacement batterys for my LG.
    I believe that for the average consumer they have to take there Iphone to a Apple store and pay around 80 bucks for them to put a new battery in it.

    2. Expandable memory yea you can spend 100 bucks more to go from 16gig to 32 gig or you can buy a 32g micro SD card for 30. bucks

    3. Screen size My Ipod touch has that 3.5″ screen even the new 4″ screen vs the 4.8″ on the GS3 I pick up my Ipod look at the screen and put it back down its so tiny in comparison I don’t want to use it.

    4. I like my music in MP3 format I can burn it copy it do what I want with it, granted its not a lossless fomat. AAC sound quality is great but it has copy protection built in and its a whole process to convert AAC to MP3

    Its funny when I travel, the airport is full of people carring there Iphone like its a badge of valor or something. Don’t believe me goto the airport, they dont just have it in there hand they have it turned so you can see its a Iphone , thats whats so funny no one cares that you have a Iphone YOU ARE NOT special because of the brand of phone you use! Its ok if you need a dumbed downed phone really it is, if I were to buy the folks a tablet it would be a Ipad because there is virtually no learning curve.

    I also want to say the GS3 is my first smartphone so I am not a Android Fan Boy.

    The ISheep says BAAH.

  110. Wilbert Says:

    My experience, iOS beats Andriod in many way and Andriod fans are annoying as hell because they are so narrowmindedly prideful that they miss out on a lot of important insights. First, Andriod crashes way more at 99:1 ratio, second, iOS does not require reset when connecting on wifi as you need with Andriod, every about 5 seconds – 5 minutes (if you’re lucky), third of you need to remove your google account on iOS, no factory reset required. Fourth, why do I have to download a third party app just to move my files to and from the internal memory and SD card!? Fifth, at least videos on my iOS device finishes as it already freezes up to a blank screen after 1 minute and 32 seconds of play on my Andriod device. Seventh, iOS device are always well calibrated. Eighth, the crash report window with the choices of “force close” “wait” “report” pops up on Andriod on a regular basis compared to… Um… Um … Unnecessary spell checks on iOS. Ninth, my iOS device automatically adjusts to the right brightness at certain light levels as my Andriod device is still too bright even at the lowest brightness setting. Tenth, on iOS, I don’t have to “kill apps” to hope that the device runs with more stability. The list goes on.

  111. Walther Says:

    Nope, sorry: Androids plain suck compared to IOS and even BBerry productivity. Sure, if you want a worthless toy get an android. I have used three platforms enough to know that Android comes in dead last for time saving, feature integration, and frustration reduction.

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