10 Ways the iPhone 5 Beats Android Phones

Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.
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  1. Logan Says:

    Bahahaha this is comical thanks for the laugh

  2. fadhli Says:

    tell me.. how much Apple pays you??


  3. Franklin R Says:

    1, Siri only answers to you, is not a smart assistant like Google Now, iPhone users always get wowed by Google Now, one is faster, and it keeps track of what you search or ask; traffic to places, directions, updates on sports team automatically as a push notification, and many more smart features. Might not have a conversational tone, but, why would i wanna talk to a phone, i have friends for that, im not lame, and im more popular than my iPhone user friends. (Author failed to compare to Google Now, cuz it would have failed)
    2. iOS6 just runs short when it comes to what android can do, even ICS is better than iOS6, and with the first wave of phones getting JB, like the S3, like what i have.
    3. screen does count, a bigger screen is so much appreciated!
    4. OPTIONS!!!! we all have different taste, some like cheaper 4inch phones, and some like the higher end 4.5inch+. colors, brands, etc. i love my big screen, while others prefer 4.3, my mom cant wait to get a S3 as well, upgrade from her Nexus S, 4inch, she wants a bigger and clearer screen. want an easy to use phone? get a Galaxy nexus.

  4. Cliff Says:

    Great article, and very well thought out. Unlike, say, the comical Android.

  5. Kenny Strawn Says:

    10 ways? What about 180? As in 180 features iOS *stole* from Android:


  6. Nerosporin Says:

    iPhone vs Android struck me as something really stupid. It’s all really preference. I always got Android since the screen sizes are bigger and i tend to read and browse the web often. I only found 2-3 things in here that are relevant to me. Design, Battery, and Performance. Not so much battery.

    Design – is really nice. It just looks appealing to look at and it feels very sturdy which i really like.
    Battery – I can care less. Again, i use my phone to mainly browse the web and maybe read.
    Performance – I like having good performance and benchmarks show how much more optimized iOS is compared to Android. Not really relevant to how i use my phone though.
    Camera – can careless. Just a bonus really. If i knew i might want to take photos sometime during a trip, i would bring an actual camera [a Nikon for example]. More than likely, the camera would take better quality photos than the phone. It’s not like a camera is that much harder to carry.
    Siri – don’t care at all. Cool feature though. I find using Google search to be better. Probably not faster, but i get more results and usually more information.
    Apps – Somewhat important. As long as the core apps are there, i can careless. If i really wanted to get immersed into a game, i would play something on my Xbox, PS3, or PC.
    Software Updates – I can see why it’s going to take a while for Android to push them out. Not everything is using the same tech, so maybe they have to code something differently. Not an expert here, but that’s my assumption. As long as it’s ICS or JB, it’s all good.
    Accessories – Don’t really care. If i wanted a better camera lens, i would just use an actual camera [A Nikon for example]. Do people actually use those things on a daily basis?
    Ease of Use – never liked this argument. Take out widgets on android and its fairly similar to iOS. Only difference is how to make folders and put them on home screens in which case is easier on the iPhone. But then i have to ask, it pulling up an app drawer then dragging and dropping really that difficult?
    Photo streams – Cool idea. Will i use it? Probably not. It’s not like its hard to picture text or anything. Or even post on FB, set to private, and let certain people see the photo.

    Again. iPhone is not for me, but i do respect it. Definitely a great phone and there is probably no reason why someone would hate it.

  7. Fraziel Says:

    I’m just here here to facepalm


    Thank you..

  8. landsome Says:

    I love “4G LTE Without the Power Penalty” – how it includes the Nexus just in order to lower the Android average. Why not add another 10 subpar Android phones and get the average to under 4 hours?

  9. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    The average battery life cited actually includes smartphones from the last 18 months.

  10. Martin Henderson Says:

    I have no respect for Apple as is but I never had first hand experience with an iphone either. Now, thanks to the company I work for giving me one two days ago I can honestly say the iphone is sh*t. My Moto Droid (the original one) beats the iphones ass. Good luck apple, The lawsuits may keep you around for a while but everybody’s spanking your ass and you will fall. I paid full retail for a GS3 AFTER the very biased verdict in the US and I intend to buy the SGN2 when it comes out. I know it will take some time but Apple will fall. I know this will not be published by such a biased publication but feel good knowing I wrote it anyway. I used to enjoy reading LM but it’s just too prejudiced to continue at this point.

  11. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    I think you’re confusing one column with the opinion of the entire publication. See this counterpoint and decide which OS is better for yourself. http://blog.laptopmag.com/10-ways-android-beats-the-iphone-5

  12. +shalomology Says:

    Not bashing on iPhone but we have to admit Android platform is way better. :)

    I see most of it is acceptable… like battery… i think that’s it. but…

    *design??? really? with design i think is more “to each his own” I love how my One S feels.. light, sturdy, compact, etc… and screen wise… come, you got to be kidding me!!!

    **processor… now, try running more than 2 to 3 apps all at once, lets see how that goes for iPhone.

    ***camera… no efin way! lol again, REALLY? those photos do not give justice to the ONE S or ONE X or even GS3! did you do this correctly? I’ve seen many photos taken by iPhone even iPhone 5 and all my friends (who has iPhones) told me how awesome my photos are! you’re gonna have to do a Re-Test on this specially! This is very un-acceptable! I know quality photo when I see one. And the sample photos above is way off how my ONE S takes pictures.

    I have used/held/etc an iPhone 5 and it’s cool. I feel “cool” lol… and hipster-ish. lol again… but that’s about it.

  13. Marilyn McCauley Says:

    Siri does answer to another person’s command. I heard it first hand.

  14. Christian Abreu Says:

    Really ? an Apple fanboy that writes an article ?
    What is innovative about the iphone 5 or ios 6 ? NOTHING ! that’s right nothing is a ground breaker. It’s just recycling what ICS did over a year ago.
    Design ? again good luck when you drop your aluminum and glass phone. Hey how’s your reception ?
    Thinness ? nope. Droid RAZR beat them on that too, too bad you got your head so far up Apple ass that you didn’t realized that and just went with what Tim Cook said.
    And you call yourself a journalist ?

  15. Pete Says:

    Thinking about getting an iPhone and came looking for comparisons but all I got were homer fanboy remarks. The ONLY valid point he brought up was the benchmark tests. The rest was purely subjective and all opinion. Design? Comparing the iPhone battery life to even the crappy iPhones? Better Apps? I’d get the iPhone if Apple wasn’t so D@$# proprietary. The search for real answers continues.

  16. Phill Says:

    I will say apple is a robust product that is simple to use and functions well. Apple is like a private school that makes its students wear uniforms and follow particular rules. This makes it easy to decide on what to wear even if the uniforms are updated. In the case of the iPhone if you have used any mobile iOS device before, then you have general idea of how each new iOS release will operate. Apple’s rules are built past experiences which helps to keep the iphone operating in a particular manner. This leads to improvements where needed, standards for build and operation, and help to prevent errors. The new Iphone is a great device for anyone who wants to get a product with better functionality without spending too much time learning how to operate it and worrying about the performance.

    Android is analogous to the typical public school. There is a dress code but there are no uniforms. There are rules but they are treated more like guidelines. Without the uniform, you start to differentiate which students are wearing clothes from Walmart vs jcpenny. You will also see different styles with some being more popular than others. This means there are different combinations for creativity and functionality just like android. You will see a range build quality and functionality with some being more popular than the others (Samsung galaxy S3). There are constant changes to products and improvements that some may not need. One company may use a different interface from another which means options. There might be one phone with better hardware but bloated interface vs a phone with OK hardware and a great interface. With so many options, its up the the buyer to do there research in-order to find the right fit. It also means the user may have to invest some time in learning all the features. This advantage allows you to pay the price you want for what you need. Android is not a one size fits all and therefore should not be treated as such.

  17. rondo Says:


  18. Michael H Says:

    I agree with Phill. Awesome analogy. Difference in real life is that you have to leave school and deal with the real world. So private school only helps for a while. If you read up on the history of GUI, this same thing happened in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Both companies got the idea for it from Xerox (PARC). Apple made the firmly controlled MAC. Microsoft had a fumbling, although usuable Microsoft. Microsoft won because they allowed free thinking people to aid and create. Apple was very stable, but was not fast nor excelled in creation. Now they exist in their tried and true proven areas, the art programs. They are very good at that but Microsoft controls the rest of the industry. Google and/or Microsoft will over run them in the future. They will always have their loyal followers, but the will and brain power of the group will outway the needs of the few.

  19. Tom Says:

    Why is it the writer of this peice strikes me as a iphone fanboy prick??

  20. justin Says:

    Ive owned alot of different phones including iphone 4s. The experience with both ios and android makes me appreciate the strengths of both. Lets face it both offer the same things only in diffrent ways. I love the refinement of iphone. The system is so smooth and simple but i really like googles choice to allow users almost complete freedom to utilize their phones as they see fit. I give negative marks to apple for locking down their web browser whrer you cant enjoy the simple freedom of downloading a music or video file without using a third party app..google lets you use your device as a real desktop experience. Apple does have slightly nicer apps where android versions do feel alittle more downgraded. But theyy all function the same in the end. Netflix on iphone is very nice in ui but who cares they both play movies and tv shows the same. In the end its subjective..case in point android is compicated for non tech usrs and they have to take class..i can apreciate the many user options for android while giving a nod to iphones clean straightforward approach..neither trumps the other. Cheers for both!

  21. Ace McLoud Says:

    Fandroids in denial. Classic comedy.

  22. Loki Says:

    This should be titled how the iPhone 5 beats Android phones which cost 5 times less than it.’
    Total baloney, this whole article. Does the iPhone have have burst mode availibilty in it’s camera app?
    How much does Sir I REALLY help you?
    It’s screen size is laughable for a flagship phone. iOS is dated and bland.
    As Judge Koh aptly said, have you been smoking crack?

  23. Tim Says:

    Apple is a great company no doubt about it. Look at the numbers.
    Problem is for me is I never liked them ever. Don’t like there closed proprietary systems. I hate itunes
    Don’t like their take it or leave it business model.
    I’m a very happy non conformist android user since the first Google G1.
    You’ll never see me with an iphone, or i anything.
    It’s all a matter of choice. With Apple they make the choices for you.

  24. Christopher Columbus Says:

    Regardless, the new iPhone 5 design was a horrible mistake. The iPhone 4S design was so much better and felt more like an industrial gadget, whereas this new one feels like a plastic toy dumby phone. The “aluminum” feels like cheap plastic and the paint scratches off like chalk. Forcing you to either cover up the phone with a case and defeat the purpose or risk the resale value being cut in half due to scratches, after paying $920 for a god damn cellphone!! People are even getting them scratched out of the box brand new. Imagine you were one of these morons who urban camped for a week to get this stupid phone, and then it’s scratched out of the box, and they have to send it in and wait weeks to get a replacement! LOL.

    It’s also TOO LIGHT that it feels empty inside and this isn’t a good thing. You want your device to have some weight to it so it feels present in your hand and feels solid. They should have kept the same exact design and same thickness as the iPhone 4S with the full glass back and keep the other changes like longer screen and faster processor. Then use the extra space to include a bigger battery.

    The person before was right, everything in this article is nonsense except for the benchmarks… and sure enough, even the benchmarks are false. There are MULTIPLE versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Some have a quad core CPU with 1GB of RAM and others have Dual Core with 2GB RAM.

    Sure enough, I ran all 3 benchmarks on my own Galaxy S3 and scored nearly DOUBLE what is portrayed here and shows it’s better than the iPhone 5 in every test. I have the Dual Core 2GB version running Android 4.0.1 so that means the quad core would be even better. Not to mention running 4.1.1 Jellybean on it increases those scores by up to 500 points in some cases at the very least.

    Secondly, benchmarks mean nothing for real world performance and definitely should NOT factor into your decision on what phone to get. Hundreds of points difference are not even noticeable by a human when actually comparing phones and 1000s of points are barely noticeable. You have to remember that the speed is 80% reliant on the operating system and the GUI being run off it. The new Android Jellybean has Project Butter which is a software improvement that runs the entire interface smoothly at 60FPS with no lag!! Software is way more important when it comes to phones. A phone with inferior tech specs can be a faster phone when using it because of a good OS.. The speed at which apps open and function as well as how many apps you can have open at once before it starts to slow down are what counts. The S3 wins in both aspects. My brother has the iPhone 5 and I’ve used it many many times.

    In the end… BUY WHATEVER YOU LIKE BETTER. Stop acting like you work for Apple and stop making excuses for them! Anytime Apple is missing a feature these fanboys make excuses to justify why the feature isn’t needed. But then when Apple comes out with the same exact features that android has had for years they use it as the most important reason why their Apple product is better… touting that same feature they claimed to not need or care about.


  25. IPhone sucks Says:

    I was just about to subscribe to your magazines, but there is no way I will subscribe to a company that thinks the IPhone is or ever will be better than an Android phone like the Samsung S3 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus. IPhone is worst than the Samsung S3 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus in every single way. The software, features, and performance of the previously listed phones are not even in the same league as Apple’s pathetic IPhone. There are at least ten phones that I would take before I would an IPhone.

  26. Steeler1975 Says:

    This debate has gotten incredibly mean spirited. It’s a friggin’ phone, not a religion. I have an iPhone and love it. I also have an android based phone and love it. The fan droid dudes get so bent out of shape when people try to tout the iPhone; it’s almost comical. Reminds me of Chris Matthews after watching the presidential debate. Yikes. Calm down fellas. It’s just a phone. Who cares if people love their iphones and think its the best thing since sliced bread. From an outsider who doesn’t worship at either alter it seems so ridiculous. So sensitive. I don’t care who came up with what feature first. I don’t care who’s is the fastest. I just need it to be rock solid reliable at times and be fun to play with at other times. My iPhone just works. But my android is just so damn fun to mess with. The iPhone is my wife, the droid is my mistress.

  27. Ryan Says:

    It’s easy to have the best-in-class 4″ screen when only low and mid-grade Android devices even use a screen that small anymore. All of the flagship devices have moved on to 4.5″ of larger.

    And since you are only comparing battery life to the newest iPhone, instead of using Androids that have come out in the last 18 months, why don’t you just use the most recent, flagship phones like the S3 and the One X? According to your tests, iPhone would still win, but it would be more representative of what the top of the line phones have to offer and it wouldn’t hurt your credibility as much.

    And just because Android is more customizable and you can do more things than those that Steve Jobs thought you should be allowed to do, doesn’t mean it is hard to use. Also, I’m not sure that using your mom as an example in the ease of use argument is that wise.

  28. bob Says:

    the iphone 5 feels like a plastic toy?? Your S3 is literally made of plastic. research a little before you make remarks about something you are ignorant about.

  29. Brian Says:

    You’re kidding, right? It ‘beats’ Android because YOU feel it has the best design? Let’s ignore the totally FALSE claim of it being the thinnest smart phone (motorola’s droid already beats it in thinness), but you can’t say the iPhone beats it because YOU think the design is better!

    You also can’t take the ‘Android Average’ on battery (whatever the hell that is), then say the iPhone is better, when, again, Motorola’s android handset SPANKS IT, in your very own graph!

    Why don’t you use the same phones for all your comparisons? Why do you pick and choose, in order to try to uphold your argument? PATHETIC.

    The very fact that you say ‘chew on this android fanboys’ is the closing argument you are nothing but a glorified troll, but a troll you remain.

  30. Brian Says:

    Tell me this, apple fan boy author? How’s apple map app working for you? Or battery life since the 6.0 update is WRECKING battery life? When your CEO comes out, and says ‘yeah you better use another map application’ your phone’s software if GARBAGE.

    You think the iPhone is so easy to use? Then why in god’s name does apple offer classes for its customers to use it?

    This article is friggin’ PATHETIC and the author should be fired.

  31. Nick Says:

    Great article, well done. I have an iPhone 5 and couldn’t be happier with it. Fastest browsing performance, fastest gaming performance, awesome battery life, incredible look and feel (everyone’s eyes bug out when they hold it, it’s freakishly light and has zero flex/give), excellent camera, superb display (vivid, accurate color rather than garish on Android phones). The new Maps is a big upgrade for me, I love finally having turn by turn directions while I’m driving. They haven’t steered me wrong yet. Google wouldn’t open up the turn-by-turn API to Apple, so Apple is doing what is necessary to provide it to their customers.

  32. Jon Says:

    Was this a real, no biased article you were trying to write? Are you on Apples payroll? I have two Macs and love them. But I use Android’s for my phones because they are more flexible and powerful. You are an iSheep. I’m still laughing over your article!

  33. m00rb Says:

    Guys, leave the author alone he’s clearly on meth.

  34. Nick Says:

    You forgot a very important reason the iphone bests android phones: resale value. I can sell my iPhone every two years and get enough to pay the upgrade fee. Try doing that with an Android phone.

  35. Nick Says:

    It’s hilarious to see how offended Android users are after reading this article. Are you guys 6? I mean, I think every iPhone user knows that this article could very well be “10 Ways the Android OS beats iOS.”
    Don’t take it so personally. Use what you want to use. You’re wasting your time responding to every single reason the author listed. Why? Well, for 1) that’s his job! He’s getting paid, and you’re probably not. 2) You’re an imbecile if you think you’re going to sway my opinion in the slightest of which OS I, or most other brained people reading your article will use.
    I use iOS because I prefer it, when Android releases what I feel, NOT YOU, is a better OS, eh, maybe I’ll give Android a shot.

  36. Mo Says:

    I have no idea who lied to you and gave you a Galaxy s instead of a 3, but almost everything you’ve printed is false…

    The camera on my GS3 looks a million times better than the one you took, I’m quite embarrassed that you had the nerve to put out such a blatant bad photo… God knows what camera you have but that sure as hell is not a gs3… My Gs3 completely ruins my gfs iphone 5 when it comes to taking photos, she always has to come to me and ask for my phone…

    The benchmarks are all wrong aswell, I get 1762 on geekbench on my GS3, again no idea who lied to you and told you have a Gs3…

    Google now beats siri hands down and don’t try and say otherwise..

    Learning curve I agree with, because the iPhone actually does very little…

    Seriously you call yourself a tech blogger? You’re an embarrassment

  37. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    Google Now wasn’t on our S III. I’m guessing you have a quad core version. The iPhone 5 camera consistently outperforms S III especially indoors.

  38. bob Says:

    s3 users are some pretty angry people huh? Please keep explaining to me why your phone is better than the iphone 5. My entire family just returned all of their s3’s and got iphones. Quit trying to convince yourself that android phones are better.

  39. Jim Says:

    It’s almost like people take offense when someone gives props to the iPhone over Android. I have an iPhone and love it. I played with the Galaxy SIII and if I wanted a notebook computer, I’d buy a notebook computer. I want a phone that will fit in my pocket and still have the power and slickness of any other phone on the market.

    By the way, nobody comes close to the build quality of Apple products. There’s not much to argue there.

  40. John Says:

    IPhone 5 doesn’t have enough to warrant me from upgrading from my iPhone 4. Battery life is worst due to multiple core CPU. Increase in screen size is a joke. Don’t get me into the map business. Siri is good but the novelty wears off dventually. Thiner design? Heck after putting on a protective case it is just like iPhone 4 and 4s. 1oz lighter gimme a break.

    My iPhone 4 is perfect, it works,long battery life, gets the job done.

  41. Arno Says:

    @Phil, school uniforms???? That time is long over where I come from, same as IOS will be past soon. Apple is overshooting, a typical arrogant marketing blunder. Like i.e. launching the connector AFTER XMAS so they can nicely cash in themselves, and loose the support of all accessory partners, who they need just as much as app builders. Way to go Apple, well, luckily enough fanboys on this planet for an iPhone, and maybe a 7 Mini….

  42. Henry Says:

    it’s almost sad how wrong most off the “facts” are

  43. Shelbi805 Says:

    I’ve warmed to apple since I got a iPod touch then my iPad2, I’m not one to sleep outside the stores to bum the new devises! As soon as its out. But I really don’t like android!! It’s like aol it’s in everything I got confused when using a android phone the App Store/market whatever.. for a start, everything’s android but yet it tries to out do another android app and not telling you clearly which one your device would be best with, before you know it you’ve got 100’s of apps eating away at your phone then encourages you to get the app killer! Or cleanup!!! Before your phone combusts! I’m thinking of getting my son he’s only 7 a cheap tablet for Xmas (he’s autistic) and loves playin on my iPod but there all android. Can anyone advise me on one (not android) that’s pretty fast for watching YouTube, tv clips, shows.. And that’s not silly money… I’m hoping when the new mini pad is out the iPad 1st gen will selling cheap on eBay

  44. Jeff Says:

    The helpless s3 isnt in the superior league of the iphone 5, fandroids tried to bring their best to the fight but got brought down to their knees so its understandable the anger they display.

  45. prongATO Says:

    Interesting article, informative metrics. Then I got down To comments.. What a bunch of fing idiots. “too light and feels empty inside”. Wow. You need your electronic products taken away. 99% of these comments are useless drivel from people that want to argue personal preferences instead of actual measurable data. And no dipsh!t your iPhone 4 isn’t “just as good”. You make assumptions on battery life that are unfounded when, on fact the battery life is as good if not better than your 4. Let’s actually see what you are really saying, “I’m a poor ass bum and I can’t afford a new one.. So the new one sucks”. After reading half of these responses, I honestly believe those sites need an IQ filter. If you can’t pass it, you don’t get to post.

  46. Damian Says:

    Wow, laptop mag, I face palm in shame for you sheep… What business does a credible writer have writing such an uninformed and biased article. You are no better than a current affairs program… You lost a lot I credibility with this one… Shame on you too latopmag could use some extra audience… The fact is that the galaxy s3 is the worlds best selling phone, and there Is a reason for that…

  47. Damian Says:

    And compare the cameras over at gsmarena, you will see for yourself gs3 as onex have the beat cameras bar none…

  48. Damian Says:

    See I’m typing this on an iPhone, this the autocorrect ex spelling mistakes. See it just did it again…

  49. Damedus Says:

    Does the Author of this Article know anything about technology???? The only feature Iphone has is the I in its name which makes up for 99% of the reasons it sells. The phone does not have 1 feature that can rival Android devices even its retina display’s dpi has been beaten in some of the newest android devices, Iphones just well make their OS more bulky with little to no improvement, Shut down support for the older devices when they still work and limit their aps that recently release only to newer models no matter how little resources they may use if its freshly released app then it surely needs all the horsepower of a iphone 4s and above to run that app that tells me the time lol

  50. Tony Says:

    Apple has a class and their gagets are much cooler than any other phones available in the market. Moreover i need a phone not a big size phone which wont fit into my pocket

  51. John Says:

    I tried temple run in GS3 and iPhone 4S at once. LOL iPhone 4S twice faster than GS3. Android has lot of unnecessary things. One person said ICS is better than iOS 6. Pal Android 1Ghz phone cant plat temple run without getting stuck. Get a life

  52. Nick Says:

    Let me say this….
    out of the box customization goes to Droid. That’s it!
    Take a moment to bare with me I will explain how iPhone can beat any Droid.
    First off…a Droid always has dumb unwanted apps running in the background no matter how many times you try to close it out, it still runs! An iPhone you simply close it out and it stops running….period. this is where battery saving starts people.
    Second…performance after 2 to 3you months after both phones……well goes to iPhone!
    Droid starts to lag down and iPhone runs like the day you got it. I know this fact cause I went through 4 droids since the ordinal motor Droid prior to the switch to iPhone.
    Third….since when did iPhone steal from Droid? Lets see here……iPod was out first! Some people really need to do research before saying iPhone stole from Droid.

    Let me state yet another well known fact.
    Who has perfected their device? Iphone. Their is only one.
    Pro versus con
    Droid only has out of the box customization.
    Screen size is preference so should not count
    camera is about the same depending on which Droid
    Lags down over time
    Short battery caused by continuous running apps

    no lag
    great touch response
    great camera
    longer battery life
    not many customization options out of the box

    I mean come on seriously people. For every up you can come up for a Droid I can tell you fact for fact 2 downs. The Droid really only has one upside that iPhone can’t beat yet. Out of the box customization. A Droid lover will argue all I have said. Here’s the thing ok. My fiancees brother loves droids to death. He has the GS3. I have iphone4. We tested them against each other on wifi… opened pages quicker. On Verizon network GS3 won. Opening apps was close….about a 55

  53. Nick Says:

    Typed on a Droid x2 lol crappy! I read a comment that stated basically Droid makes its software available to all its phones and iPhone updates are only available for one or two generations previous lol! As stated I’m typing this on Droid x2 where is my ice or jb upgrade? This Droid can handle it but Motorola officially stated that the Droid x2 will NOT receive either. Sad sad sad. I’m sick and tired of getting a Droid that’s class A and it doesn’t get new os! I’m not going to continue to buy new Droid phones just for the slow lagged no good os! Android…..perfect one os and stop trying to outdo yourself….idiots!

  54. James Says:

    I’ve had android phones for years now and each varies based on quality, one thing I have learned how ever is to stay away from HTC. they are just pure trash. They work great for the first six months then the battery goes and so does the OS. I don’t go a day without my current phone (Htc Inspire) crashing, even with nothing running. The android platform is great in theory but until they have the technology that helps it run smoothly while using multiple apps I’m staying away. Personally I haven’t used an Iphone for an extended period of time, but I have heard nothing but good reviews. So I’m changing to the Iphone 5 after Christmas. The simple OS may not be as flashy but it works fluidly. I also don’t understand why someone needs a huge screen with androids such as the Note II it’s just unnecessary.

  55. Giovanni Says:

    You know what’s so comical about this post about “Iphones being better than Android phones”, it’s that this is based on OPINION. NOT FACT. The only reason everyone is getting all hyped up about the Iphone 5 is because it has 4g. Finally, where has apple been all decade. They are so far behind it is totally funny. while they are trying to make the same phone over and over again, Android is just finding new ways to do new things. Again, Apple is just about to make an IPHONE 5S. OOOH GUYS LOOK THE SAME PHONE BUT W/ ONLY TWO THINGS DIFFERENT W/ IT, THE SIZE AND THE THICKNESS. YES, CAUSE EVERYONE WANTS TO DROP THEIR PHONE BIG DEAL.

  56. TheDailyAndroid Says:

    In all sanity, Android is the best. It exceeds the iPhone by a big majority. There was only one valid point in your arguement. The once about accessories. The accessories is because companies know that if people can be dumb enough to buy iPhones, then they can buy a whole shitload of accessories. I’m a Fandroid, that’s true. But after having the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5, I can’t agree with you.
    1. You said something about design? The same thing for 8 years.
    2. The speed. I doubt you tried it with Sprint and Verizon. Only AT&T supports browsing and talking on the iPhone 5.
    3. Siri? Who gives a Shit? Have you tried Android voice commands?
    4. Reliable updates my Ass. Once a year, plus free glitches and rules.
    5. Do you know what being able to customize your phone with widgets and live wallpapers is? I thought so.

  57. dom Says:

    I am no Apple fan boy but after doing some research I am going with the iPhone5.
    My decision is based on benchmarks and the fact that I have had an iPhone 3gs for the last 3years that has been crash proof and rock solid. In the last 3 years I rebooted my phone just a handful of times.
    The vast majority of comments generated from this article are in favour of Android but they are lacking in substance. Are android users all 10 yr olds??
    The general consensus seems to be that “I like android because I hate apple”.
    I’m reading thing like:
    “This article is comical”
    “This guy should be fired”
    Someone mentioned resale value as a plus for iPhone. I totally agree. My iPhone 3gs has the highest value of any 3yr old phone and if I wanted to I can finance my upgrade with its resale value.
    I also predict that the rise in volume of androids that are becoming available will make the iPhone an even more valuable and exclusive product in.
    I think that Samsung risks becoming the “Mcdonalds” of smart phones.

  58. Brad Says:

    Why do I feel like everyone that published here owns an android and doesn’t even know how to utilize an apple product well enough to make a real observation on whats better. I’ve owned both and for reliability and simplicity in using all your apps and features in the phone in an efficient manner without worrying about your phone taking a crap before its term is up, the iPhone is better in every way in my opinion. Their both great products but I strive for long term reliability and simplicity in using my phone. I switched to iPhone for this reason.

  59. Austin Says:

    “It might take a quad-core Nexus phone running pure Jelly Bean to truly rival the iPhone 5’s sheer speed.”
    Yes, and that phone (nexus 4) is half the price of the iPhone.
    Plus, it’s unlocked.

  60. Nick Says:

    Brad (Dec 20) is totally right. For “long term reliability and simplicity” you definitely want an iphone. Provided that long term reliability doesn’t include a high propensity to break.

    Still, if you want a simple phone, I would get an iphone, this is what I tell everyone that wants a simple phone. However, if you want a phone that is cheap (initially and in perpetuity) and customisable, get an android phone.

  61. Andrew Says:

    Jesus. What’s with all these iPhone haters? It’s just a phone! No need to get angry over it! We need more comments like Phil’s. Before you make an comment, look at both sides of the argument! Or in this case, both phones! Dont just jump in an say, ” this article is commical” or “apple will fall to android because it sucks”. Be civilized. I feel like I’m in grade school again!

  62. Dan Critchlow Says:

    The IPhone is the superior phone. Hands down. No reason to get mad about it. Who cares which phone is better? Just use the one that is. And that happens to be the IPhone. Having something personally against Apple is ridiculous. They are a huge company with lots of problems as any huge company would have. That doesn’t take away from the quality of their product. To state that an Android phone is BETTER than an IPhone is completely false. Perhaps there is an android phone that is comparable, perhaps…but better. No.

  63. BIll Muray Says:

    fandroids will never understand… iphones are just cooler, its a fact that iphone users get laid more than any other phone user.. *fact And since the whole point of life is to reproduce and pass on your genes to your offspring in order to achieve a higher fitness, iPhone wins!!! Sorry guys its just evolution…

  64. Ian Cross Says:

    this is really stupid. my current phone is actually an iphone 5, and its not a bad phone, but it is by no means great. i had an android before this and i really miss it. the only redeeming quality the iphone has is its design. the thing looks cool, and is made of metal. thats the only good thing about the phone. every apple guy talks about how fast the phone is and how great the camera is. sure the camera is SLIGHTLY better than a current generation android, but thats no reason to say its better. and the only reason the iphone is fast is because its so simple. new androids are just as fast, and you get way more customization, way more apps, and an overall better phone. and any iphone user will tell you that siri is absolutely pointless. most of the time it will just search what you asked it on the internet, instead of giving you valid information, that is, if it actually understands what youre saying. so if you have no idea how to use a phone, get an iphone. if you understand technology in the slightest. get an android.

  65. albert smarts Says:

    hahhahaha ive used both if you want a great phone that bogs down after a few months if you want a phone you have to run anti virus on grab an android after having iphone5 for a few months i will never go back to a second class phone aka android and yes it was the s111

  66. Jesse Says:

    Once I got my iPhone (after using android) I have never looked back. I believe iPhones are a way better phone than android. And if it weren’t for the iphone android wouldn’t be where it is today. I have never had a problem with my iphone. Iphone screens are way more responsive than android

    The design is very nice too. On my iphone 4 its got that nice glass back. Galaxys are just plastic pieces of…
    On an iphone you got, itunes, app store (twice as big as android market). Its an ipod touch aswell! So you don’t have to have a music player and a phone. Thats one of the reaaon why i got an iphone. You will notice most people who have android phones usually have an ipod touch or other kind of mp3 player aswell. Pretty much all car stereos come with their own iphone cable and have “iphone/ipod touch written all over them”

    This page is just full of android fan boys who can’t affod a real phone. I mean think about it. Why do so many kids in school own android phones? Cos their parents wont pay $800-$1000 on a phone, let alone be on a plan lol. Iphone is the number one smartphone in the workd and people need to accept that

  67. AK Says:

    pssst…. does iphone have porn apps………. ;-) hehehehe

  68. Apple4life Says:

    iPhone simply better. No virus protection needed, better apps, better organization, resale value, retina display’s clarity is much better than any driod i have, or ever will use, music quality is better, and library is 100x bigger. Movies that I buy on DVD or blu ray are easy and simple to rip onto my phone with digital copy’s, and maps is now powered by Tom Tom so idk wtf people’s complaints about the map service is all about! its turn by turn nav what more do you need!!! If I download anything on my phone it’s downloaded to all my other devices! Fu@& customization, ill just jail brake my phone if I want that!

  69. Iphone5 guy Says:

    It’s so cute to see how mad android fans get when they hear that there phones are still crap. The closer they get to being an iphone the more they cheer about how great they wish they were. Iphones have and always will be better. If your biggest and only argument is customization, than you need to check the facts and look at the news. Apple is winning. Iphones are best. All those people can’t be wrong. Stop your blind biased superstitious religious hatred for apple and just try it. You understand why its better. After all your crazy notions to know it give way to the fact that you never put it down and use it constantly for everything without being tethered to a wall. In fact thats the case in point. Androids are laptops. Iphones are tablets. Androids can do all these things but have to be plugged up every 1hour to charge. Tablets do slightly less but are just as fast if not faster and dont have to be tether to a charger. Raise your hands if you own an iphone and keep the charger in your pocket. Now its your turn android users….

  70. Iphone5 guy Says:

    How that NFC adoption going? Show me a game that isn’t an emulator. Show me a movie that was t stolen from some movie app. Show music that isn’t illegally ripped. Show me a good cellular signal no matter what carrier. Show me 13 hours of usage between charges. Show me anything other than a widget. You got nothing. Huh. Now while I can’t do those things unless i jailbreak. I still have that perfectly legal option. But int the mean time I read alot of books, and articles. I have over 70 games on my phone and there not all small some are as big as 1.8 gigs. I have over a thousand photos. Which shows i use my camera alot. I have at least 10 albums on my phone for when I don’t feel like streaming. I get signal every where. I spend countless untold hours on my phone. Brightness up every feature on and only charge once over night and plugg it up mid day for a 20mknute break. My day starts at 4:10am and doesn’t end till 10pm. I do everything on my iphone. All my android buddies do is show my tweaks they’ve downloaded. I guess if I had a poor device and less apps to choose from I would spend all my time customizing my crappy os too. And you do have less apps. What you guys call apps are keyboard changers and widgets and fonts and wallpapers. We have actuall apps. No need for a task manager or task killers iphones are smart enough to pause what your not using. And I can switch between apps faster. I can load everything quicker. It truly runs circles around gs3. I know because my best friend has one and we’ve done side by side test. He always says so what your phone is faster what does that mean. And I say its faster so i get everything done quicker. Windows use to be open too. And look at them now.

  71. Rafis Says:

    Bad things about Iphone:
    1)You can not access your files on you Iphone (no file manager) unless jailbroken
    2) Your limited with one look and size
    3) You can get a faster android phone with a cheaper price<iphone is not fastest, that's bs theres better specs by FAR
    4)There's more apps in Android Play Store
    5)Its not as customisable as android Phone… Hell in android phone i can even imitate IOS look (not like I would want to)
    6)Unless Iphone is jailbroken, your phone is trash, and if it is jailbroken it will still have less customization then android phone

    The only thing iphone beat android with the mentality of public:
    1)The public tend to see iphone as a cool more advanced technology then android< which is untrue (its actually retarded idea)

  72. Clay Says:

    If this article was written 3 years ago, then yes it would be true. But the fact is that IOS is about 2 years behind Android now. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that the iPhone can do that the latest Android phones can’t do. Even a jail broken iPhone 5 pales in comparison to Android’s customization. Of course it still all comes down to personal preference. If you like Apple products and have been with Apple for years. Well, then get an IPhone. But if you’re on the fence and just want the latest, coolest technology, you’re better off with Android.

  73. cross101 Says:

    watever it is..IPHONE is IPHONE period

  74. jedthepirate Says:

    I left a long post about my experience…. Calm and well thought out not the usual dumb sounding cuss riddled nonsense that seems to with an android defensive posts around here. Just facts. Checked for a response a little later. Said my comment was under review…. Now its gone. Seems very bias around here to me .

  75. its all because of the brand name Says:

    Iphone lovers seriously please dont make me laugh anymore and i guess every “RATIONAL” human being knows which is better. You dont get what you pay for and please try and accept it. And next time clean the apple logo a bit more coz thats what you guys paid for.

  76. Elías Says:

    Update this post agains the Samsung galaxy 4 …

  77. Abhishek Says:

    Forgot the top reason – Money this joke of a writer received from Apple

  78. Jen Says:

    The religious fervour exhibited here is hilarious. People – including me – that come to these sites are interested in tech, so will have strong preferences either way, but the average person on the street DOESN’T CARE. A good friend of mine who has zero interest in tech recently bought his first Android phone and calls it his iPhone whenever talking about it. When I tried to explain the difference, I got an “oh, whatever: same difference…” and he returned to referring to it as his iPhone. As long as they get a good deal from their mobile carrier, the public will just go with whatever seems like a good deal at the time and will probably focus on one or two features that the more tech oriented may be less interested in.

  79. Chris Says:

    What urks me about most of the review articles like this is the person has never really done anything in electronics, until these super powered mobile phones came along! At 13 i had built my own speakers at 15 i built my own amplifier from scratch thats puting all the circuitry in myself! so i have been around this all my life. I personally use android have tried ios but its so backward in everything!

  80. Vasis Teelucksingh Says:

    Motorola handled the job with thinness, htc and sony created phones with better designs and camera, Samsung innovated. They all represent android. android has everything you want in a phone and more. you kept on using inferior phones than the new ones which had came out at that time for your comparisons. APPLE SUCKS!

  81. David Says:

    What a crock!
    First off, superior design by having the audio port on the bottom… it’s just a personal preference, i like mine on top, it’s not superior, and having a power/data connection which is not common is just stupid.
    Your second point, there are a wide variety of android phones, some have a separate LTE chip, some integrated, mine is separate but that’s actually beneficial for me since 95% of the time. I can completely shut that down and have no power drain at all. The LTE technology does have is copied from other manufacturers, it is not new.
    As for the fastest phone, what absolute crap. there are many phones much faster, even if there weren’t the iOS is so stripped down and devoid of features it is the only reason it can even run with the pathetic hardware specs.
    Better camera? Not a chance, almost every new smartphone has a camera on par with it, and show me Photosphere on the iPhone…, no, doesn’t have it? Surprise!
    The processor and RAM couldn’t even handle complex stuff like that if it was available.
    Siri is outdated and has been surpassed by Google, no surprise since Google has such a huge advantage in search databases.
    Now, betterapp selection, google was the first market to reach 1,000,000 apps, soooo… BS again, what a surprise!
    More accessories? You mean with a universal port like MicroUSB for which there are thousands of manufacturers billions of attachments there are actually less attachments? Did you only survey which ones are manufactured by Apple, like Apple doesn’t make a charger for Samsung, therefore Samsung doesn’t have a charger?
    BS. There is an advantage here for Apple in that there is only one design for the phones so it’s easy for accessories to be made, but there are more Android phones, there are more Android accesspries, there are more Android users… they are all just different.
    Software updates… Apple doesn’t update their software as often as google so there are more updates for Nexus devices, unfortunately cheap Android devices can be left behind, so we’ll call it a draw, since even an old Andoir OS has more features than iOS.
    Ease of use… sure, but my hammer is even easier to use, therefore it’s better? Ohhh, you mean adding hundreds of functions means you have to learn to use hundreds of functions, and that’s “hard”, boo hooo, freakin idiot, the functions on Android are just as easy to use, there are just more of them, and if you don’t need to use them you don’t use them and they’re not even a factor. if you do use them it’s nice to have them there.
    for example, most phones come with a straight forward calculator, I put a scientific calculator in mine, it’s just as easy for me to use, in fact easier since it simplifies some advanced mathematical functions, but if I didn’t know how to use it, guess what, i wouldn’t use it! I’d use the simple one for my simple purposes, but I have the option to go either way.

  82. phonespecialist Says:

    hahahahaha this article makes me laugh. I don’t think there was a single truthful word in the article. If your looking for average speed horrible battery life and a small screen size and love to slob on apples nob every chance you get the I5 is prefect for you but if you have a minimum of 2 brain cells and actually know how to think for your self from time to time instead of just believing apples bs then droid or even windows is what your looking for. As far as battery life the razr maxx is untouchable with about a 2 day use time (not 8 hrs). siri sucks cuz it doesn’t learn your voice and you are constantly having to repeat your self where android starts at siri level and gets better with time. (opps someone forgot to do there hw) I honestly haven’t been to impressed with windows voice to text. Windows my be lacking in apps on the market but what they do better than any other phone is simplicity and ease of use. The I5’s camera quality isn’t bad but still doesn’t have as high of an optic input or anywhere near the camera features as the SIII the note 2 or the nokia lumia. But its W/e this dude is obviously bias toward Apple you could hand him a phone that you just brought back from 10 years in the future set it next to the I5 or any apple product for that matter and he would pick the apple product every time. And for those of you that believe this BS Apple thanks you for being dumb enough to fall for there brain washing.

  83. Napple Says:

    You have to dismantle the iPhone to swap the battery. I have 3 batteries for my cheap little LG. If I’m using power hungry stuff I just pop a fresh one in and I’m good to go. Try that with an iPhone…..

  84. NuttyP Says:

    iPhones are shite. Apple are shite. What else can you add?

  85. John Bob Says:

    I dont know how i got here but after read this crappy statements from Mark Spoonauer, as editor in chief, who’s probably an 8 yo kid who needs a smack in the head hmm sorry if you’re born idiot but you shouldnt make any further articles ever again.

  86. Gave Iphone a try Says:

    I used an HTC Evo for a couple of years until my employer gave me a free Iphone 5. I suspended my droid service and have been using only the Iphone for both business and personal tasks. I kept an open mind and figured there would be a bit of frustration with learning a new interface after using an android for so long.

    It has been two months now and I’m OVER IT. The Iphone 5 is so awkward and tedious to use. Hard to explain to someone who’s never used an android how much more intuitive and efficient they are. I waste so much time pushing that damn home button on the Iphone.

    I just walked out of my boss’s office with the okay to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy 4. YES!! Can’t wait ’til it gets here!

  87. Techspec Says:

    My friend spent like a hour trying to send me a video which he says he caught a ghost, video 2 minutes long and couldn’t text it or email it without giving up quality or quantity(length of the video) from his note 2 to a s3, my iphone 5 sent a 8 minute hd video through iMessage to my mom without trimming or sacrificing quality lol, thank you apple<3 ;)

  88. Mick Russom Says:

    Hahahaha. iOS is obsolete.

  89. John Says:

    This guy has no idea what he’s talking about.

    First off, Apple is user friendly and every single person in the world that has an iPhone bought it because of their marketing schemes and because of it ease of use. Android defiantly had a ruff start as it didn’t start its empire off
    with tons of money (Ex. Yankees). As I can see your a Yankees fan which money is the only reason they win. But
    Android wins in 1 department as it is open source and any true developer can manipulate their code. Apple is greedy
    and keeps it all to themselves.

    Also when mentioning that android developers cant update all their devices at one to JellyBean. Its because Android
    has multiple manufactures making phones for them. So yea, that makes it a bit difficult. Its like a 4 year wrote this article.

    Anyone as you can see from what I said there are good things about android. They both have their good and bad points.

    Until they make a phone that combines all the good qualities of both iphone and android then screw it.

  90. Jareth Belanger Says:

    One of the things I never understood with the comparisons is the camera. The iphone camera actually sucks if you use the stock software and then take if off the screen. I had a Iphone 4 and everything was always grainy when I transfered pictures to my computer or looked at what I uploaded to Facebook on any other device. Everything I’ve gotten from Iphone 5 users is grainy on my Optimus G, and even on a friends Driod and another SGS3.

    But thats okay because you can use Instagram!….same programs exist for Andriod, Actually my LG got reamed because of the horrible camera programs. I now use a different app which automatically photoenhances my pictures so they look great.

    Siri is another thing I never understood. Before the 4S siri was availible on andriod, albeit wasn’t popular (it was also avail. on the original 4 till apple removed it so they could sell the 4S when they bought out Siri). Many programs exist that work like siri, and intergrate into google now’s constant search function. Alice is great, the only thing I can’t do is set a reservation, but since I don’t dine out at places I need to do that with, well…it’s a moot point for me.

    The accessory thing is true with the exception of a few phones. I say that because 90% of iphone access. are gag sales. Accesories that matter: Charging Dock, Car dock, Case, Bluetooth Radios. In my experience the little camera lenses have proven to be a joke and remove the use of a protective case.

    The iPhone is great for first time users who can’t take the time to read a small booklet, but outside of that it feels so constranded. Your phone is a tool and the less applications (aka uses, not programs) you have the less useful of a tool it is.

    NFC should have been on it but apple once again is behind the curve. Ignoring the “wallet is useless and phone to phone is gimmicky claims” NFC tags are useful. I use one at my desk to sync my phone to my computer automatically and turn my phone to vibrate when it’s in it’s charging dock. I have another in my audi which connects it to my car stereo for Bluetooth calls and music streaming while in it’s dock. I have a mount on my harness bar in my porsche which has a tag that automatically turns on Solo storm for autocross, which is a GPS based mapping, timing, and performance program that also records video.

    Oh I also use mt andriod phone for OBD codes (which yes the Iphone does have apps for) but use my andriod tablet for Engine management tuning. Which you could only do with AEM on honda’s with Ipad.

    There is a reason I jokingly call the iPhone baby’s first smartphone. It’s usefulness is very limited compared to the flagships being pumped out by Samsung/HTC/Motorola, and now LG. If nokia can invest heavily in andriod it’d be a knockout as their build quality has always surpassed Apple’s in feel and looks.

  91. Lon Says:

    All I see here are ihaters. I enjoy my 4s, but then again I’m 40. I see a bunch of young people who need to learn about grammar and spelling and need to focus on themselves rather than who’s technology is better. Obviously iPhone users like iPhones and android users like androids. What difference does it make? Do people really judge others based on what smart phone they buy? There are far more interesting topics than this.
    One note though, I like the size of my phone because it fits easily into my pocket. I’m an industrial electrician and most of android users in my trade have have nice big cracked screens that have to be stored in their lunch boxes. My phone is very useful to my job, I use it for many calculations and to look up code requirements. Having to go to my lunch box every time I need to use it is very inconvenient for me.

  92. Simon Says:

    I’m an android user. Samsung Galaxy Ace Flavour. It isn’t as fast as the iPhone. It doesn’t have as nice a screen as the iPhone. It is running gingerbread OS which doesn’t support many of the newer apps that ICS and iPhone do.
    My work is rolling out iPhones to all staff. I just sold my G.Ace for half the price I paid for it (which was under $200). I had dropped it about 6 times onto hard surfaces and it never cracked or stopped working. It gave me my emails, web browsing, played my MP3s and photos, navigated me to my destination with turn by turn instructions, interfaced seamlessly with my google account, had a long battery life, was the perfect size for my pocket, took 32GB microSD card with movies, photos and music on it (which could be directly dragged and dropped to/from the phone), had wifi hotspot, had access to dozens of apps from play store which cost me nothing, had a swype keypad entry, had swype directory access, played flash animations, took a regular sim so if the phone broke I could use an old one. I could go on but the point is this; shiny new iPhone 5 Vs my old Galaxy Ace. G.Ace1 iPhone 0.
    The only reason I’ve got the iPhone is because work is paying for it. For all it’s supposed brilliance I find iPhone terribly disappointing and severly limiting.

  93. SCO Says:

    I don’t think your approach to compare the latest model of the iPhone with the “Average Android Phone” (whatever your “average” means) is fair. I’m sure that the 98% of android phones are below the iPhone specs in most categories, but I’m pretty sure there are a couple of Android devices that are better (or much better) than the iPhone at the same price tag. Android phones offers a wide range of prices, hardware and quality. I can bet that there are Android devices that are better designed, faster, with better camera, better voice assistant, with more battery life than the iPhone. I thing it would be more fair to compare te “Average” Adnroid phone with the “Average” iPhone phone (averaging from the first, to the last model). What would happen then?

  94. Big Hair Says:

    Seriously, does Apple pay you with money or Iphone5’s? I buy Android devices because the freedom of choosing a manufactuer for your device leads to greater advances in the industry. Apple is slowly shooting their own foot off. I use Android devices because I want a logical functional device. If I wanted to be chic, or wanted an overpriced, underequipped, behind the curve status symbol, I’d buy an iphone…

  95. angel torres Says:

    why not have iphone come with installation of call app.com

  96. Thomas Brown Says:

    iPhone 5 is the best smartphone out there. Here’s why. AND THEN–NOTHING. Where’s the Beef?!

  97. AppleFTW Says:

    This is an argument that will never die, UNTIL NOW! I’m gonna sum it all up for everyone.. The technique I will use is simple, only facts… Apples iPhone 5 can easily be determined to not only be the best smartphone out there, but the best you will ever see out there,,, okay okay,. That last statement IS NOT A FACT.. It is an opinion/guess/preference – which are things I think people are letting get in the way of deciding which is the “best” . First off, who cares ?? I’d you are one that does care, then just put your preferences aside, and just LOOK at the facts between the two. The ANSWER is right in front of you, in plain view. Beside the iPhone being the shiniest, fastest, most reliable phone there is to date (my opinion) {—– see how that just pisses you off instead of PROVING which one is the best ? Yes, it’s aggravating to read each comment that is basically just someone’s strong opinion on to which is “best”. MY NEXT STATEMENT is what is gonna seal the deal, show you proof, sum all this up etc.. LOOK at the price differences off contract !! iPhone 5 64GB version is CRAZY EXPENSIVE !! There IS a reason for that.. Ex. More time in engineering the design, motherboard, CPU/GPU … Far more superior quality hardware on overall product. Blazing speeds from optimized software.. PREMIUM parts made of glass and aluminum. ECO friendly for GODS SAKES ! It’s right it front of you, just LOOK at the price differences !! A superior product COSTS more to make, hence the price being substantially higher. This is FACT not OPINION .. No bias here folks.. I don’t like apple nor android. I been using my Motorola razor, yes razor flip phone since the beginning and ill never look back !! Pretty sure I wouldn’t know the slightest about using a touch screen !! But I have the COMMON sense, almost a 7th sense about this kind of stuff ! It’s simple people.. Just LOOK AT THE PRICE DIFFERENCE, and stop basing everything on PERSONAL PREFERENCES .. Base it on fact. NUFF SAID

  98. tony Says:

    Yes, this article does nothing to convince me that iPhone is better. The points barely hold any weight.

  99. bmeiz Says:

    This is bullsh@t. iPhone is the worst phone in every possible way. The iPhones are even worse than the Nokia phones…

  100. bmeiz Says:

    Android phones are better than iPhones. Even the Nokia phones are better than the iPhones…

    -the android system is much more customizable
    -the android has better and more applications
    -iPhones have weaker hardware (CPU, RAM, …)
    -iPhones don’t have flash player for browser, and don’t have support for java games, apps
    -iPhones probably have construction problems (for example remember the screen and signal problems with iPhone 4 and the easily breakable glass back)
    -the iPhone is nothing more than a disposable phone like the plastic knives (using iPhone as a smartphone is like using a plastic knife to cut a bone). Apple’s business policy is significantly based on planned obsolescence
    -if you have problem with your iPhone (construction problems, dead battery) the Apple company won’t help, they will say to the customers that buy a new product
    -iPhones don’t have FM radio
    -iPhones don’t have memory card support
    -iPhones don’t have replaceable battery

    The last 3 points are the worst things about iPhone.

  101. joaquin Says:

    You have to realize that the iphone is pure looks , sure a fast proccessor (only because its a light os) and nice iterface.but as a previus iphone user, andriod is suppiriur most smart phones now a days are to much of a match for apple, the samsung galaxy has swept iphone with its bigger screen. hence the realse of the slightly bigger screen on the iphone 5,apple swept away now wants to launch 6th iphone i mean i get it iphone 6 new proccessor and bigger screen which is all fabricated by samsung, theres acer laptops and other lectronics in which replacement screens are made by samsung. iphone and apple are just a big recipe company. i belive samsung and htc have better inovation then apple btw the lock button on many phones located on the top was created by htc i belive so not sure, i phone is just put ahead of every other company because its like a rolex a simpile social status only rich people have iphone legitly baught no contracts full price, lower class people afford the phones but with contracts, iphone is the hype u have an iphone and ur cool but realy how much dose apple offer “updates”!!!
    yea the only reason apple offers updates is beacause they only have 3 models of the iphone and updates are easy but andriod has billions of phones on diffrent versions of andriod making it impossible to update every phone because each ones diffrent. in my opinion ill put a crapy andriod over an iphone every other day>>>..

  102. Jacob Says:

    Best in class Retina display? It’s 1136 x 640. That’s laughable. The iPhone 5s is a mid-range device at best. For the record, you can get a better Android phone for half the price.

  103. Tombstoner Says:

    7/10 of these are false. Sorry to rain on your parade, fanboy.

  104. Zero Says:

    10 reasons why i phone doesn’t beat android:
    1. The 10 reasons seen in here are out-dated and no longer true.
    2. The ones that are true (like accessories) are redudant features.
    3. With every iOS generation iPhone will work slower. Meaning your phone actually degrades with every update.
    4. Cameras on ALL iPhones are at best average compared to phones of same generation.
    5. A well customized equivalent of an android phone has much better battery life.
    6. Apple blocks a lot of customization mentioned above.
    7. Android has a wide range of phones which makes it possible to find a phone to suit your needs (price, design, etc).
    8. Apple is a standart “for all” phone and doesn’t even compare to phones with unique features (or focused features). I mean features such as water resistence, super camera, next generation processors or even gaming phones.
    9. You pay for the brand. It’s expencive for the specifications. If you compare release prices of an iPhone on to an android phone with roughly the same specifications (or slightly better) iPhone will always cost more.
    10. Apple has a logo implies you’re getting a product that’s already been chewed by someone. It is also only a few pen strokes away from a stoned, drooling face logo.

  105. Jesse Says:

    iPhone 5 vs Android? dude, you’re comparing an OS to hardware?Build quality? you drop an iPhone once and there’s going to be quite a bit of damage. Also peripherals? Give me a break. I can use an Xbox or PS3 controller with my phone connect a usb drive or even a camera. more games might be true. But all the most popular games will be on both platforms. And as far a voice search assistants go, Cortana from Microsoft is in beta and it already kicks siri’s tail.

  106. Mark Says:

    I dont agree with any of those! Actually I think itt is very hard to use IPhones as they have hidden buttons and stuff. APPLE IS SH*T!

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