10 Ways Android Beats the iPhone 5

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Yup, because all of us are walking around really wishing we could see the filesystem on our phone. You keep writing for the 1% stuck in 2002…

  2. ML Says:

    Yeah… I’m done with this coverage. One week you love Apple. The next time I log in your feed has 3 anti-apple articles on the front out of 5. Make up your minds.

    As far as Android and Google go they creep me out. Because of them I know with absolute certainty that every time I log in anywhere, I’m being stalked. They’re worse than any Ex I’ve ever had. They’ve taken getting to know me way way way too far. I’m done with them and all their services. I honestly hope they get their butts handed to them in everything from now on. Their entire business model is just incredibly sleezy. If you think they’re better, that’s great. I think that no matter how much better their hardware, and at the rate the OEM’s iterate they eventually do hit something good every 20th try and the numbers are sexier, or their claims to openness seem at first glance, they’re always going to be that person at the party that is just WAY too interested in me to ever be comfortable using their product.

    Maybe that’s the whole tech market. That’s something I need to assess. We’ve made personally identifying people ridiculously easy, and for what ads for toasters? Meh. Done, Done, Done. Here’s a revelation for you: It’s all worthless junk in two years anyway. Less really, as soon as the shiny new smell is gone you’re just going to lust after something else. I know I always did. I sincerely hope this was my wake up call.

    My parting thought is this. Every cell phone contract I’ve ever had was like an abusive relationship. I’ve left every one of them for something shiny and new, only to be abused all over again in new and fascinating ways (yes I’m clearly a masochist). At this point I don’t think a new phone is going to fix any of that whatever I choose.

  3. techgeek32 Says:

    It is so refreshing to see an article that truthfully exposes all the shortcomings of the iPhone, but sadly most iPhone users will never hear or understand these differences.

  4. David Says:

    You, the author of this story know full well that Apple could have jumped into the fray of LARGE screen smartphones. THEY DON’T WANT TO MAKE A LARGE SCREEN PHONE!! Apple wants to remain in the one hand realm of phones- not shrunken tablets. Apple didn’t use LTE early because they had to wait for one of their major partners AT&T to actually support it- which you, if you(the Author) researched a little bit would know. The NFC chip was not included because not enough retailers have adopted the technology. Most Americans don’t find CC’s terribly cumbersome to use. Apple users don’t find it difficult to slide and tap that difficult to get to the weather. It’s a matter of choice. Apple and Pc people have been going at it for years. The Apple phone’s are solid and built well, with better materials. Most Android handsets are poorly built with cheap plastic materials. The software updates on Android are slow to come. When you purchase an Android phone and have say a particular OS it takes the manufacturer for ever to issue a new software update- a chief complaint from Android user(like I used to be) Apple OS is designed for Apple users- it makes sense to its computer users others need not apply. Its funny how few articles there are about how the Apple phone compares to Android phones.. Because Apple phones and their fans don’t have an inferiority complex. A convert back to a better made phone and better computers that cost more because they don’t require as may fixes. With far better customer service- look it up.

  5. Zmoney Says:

    these are the dumbest things i have heard of! everyone is just jealous because the iphone owns everything else, Droids may have this other stuff for longer but apple does it better i was just with my friend the other day and he has droid and he saw me watching the keynote and the panorama thing came up and he said dude droids have had that for a long time and i said alright let me see it then and he did it and it was the worst picture i have ever seen! you guys can say whatever you want but apple just does everything better!

  6. anonymus Says:

    seems like the iT media is owned by corporations too. how much did Samsung and Google pay u to write this article? How can an article about iPhone vs Android be so partial to one of the phones? it’s ridiculous….

  7. Jacksjus Says:

    If Android is so much better than why doesn’t it show in the market value? Why does the iPhone continue to outsell with the introduction of every new phone. Apple’s focus is the customer and the competitor’s focus is Apple.

  8. Frank Says:

    Wow!!! You Fan Boys are amazing. He didn’t say “the IPhone sucks” . He said it has these shortcomings, no product is perfect. “That’s so 2002, to want to look at your files”. What? Are you telling me there is never a need to look at the files on your phone? “One week you love Apple, the next week you hate it”. It’s a magazine, not your girlfriend /wife.

  9. DaBoss Says:

    It comes down to this…a for instance if you will.

    I sold my 4s two weeks ago because I wanted to get the most I could for it. In the meantime I bought myself an iphone 2g to hold me over till my 5 arrives in the mail on the 21st. Something I could use and then sell for the same amount I paid for it. I almost bought myself an android phone, you know just to see what the other side was like… But I thought to myself, any android phone made five years ago is junk (no, there is no arguing that). Sure the 2g doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the 4s had but its still better I’m certain, at least for these three weeks than holding a five year old piece of samsung dog poo to the side of my face as it decinegrates in my hands till the last thing I see is that dumb android icon laughing at me till the screen goes black and the remnants sink into the ground to feed a newly sprouting “apple” tree. And don’t get me started on windows phones, if its anything like my mother in-laws computer, you can keep it.

  10. Thomas Says:

    1. Surprise, surprise. Apple offers two screen sizes, or just one on the current model if you wish. If you want bigger, buy a droid. The specs sheet is not a secret. But this is a dumb point, there is no smaller version of the Galaxy S 3. So you are saying?

    2. NFC cannot substitute your wallet yet, especially not outside North America. Or did you just like the Galaxy S 3 commercial when people send photos through the glass? Flashy, but is it really useful? When NFC becomes a viable credit card alternative, I am sure that iPhone x will have the chip onboard.

    3. True, but I personally do not care about HTC and other widgets. They all do the same, I am not fascinated by different clock designs. But if you are in love with it…

    4. I could easily find a proprietary cable in the office, I think faster than a USB cable. iPhone is widespread, admit it. There connectors are de facto standards.

    5. So they can steal anything you type.

    6. This is actually true.

    7. So social, huh?

    8. See Kevin’s point.

    9. Really? I mean, REALLY? This is how android beats iPhone 5?

    10. Pen. How many devices? 2-3?

    I am also sorry to see that a tech journalist confuses android and iPhone. One is a platform and the other is a phone. Would you compare a Prius to all BMWs? By the way I am not talking in favor of iPhone, but this article is just dumb. I have an HTC, peace.

  11. Thomas Says:

    Frank, “fan boy”-ing is not a valid argument. The problem is that this article makes 10 points just for the sake of having a round number. 3 are valid: attachments, widgets and the file system. While attachments are really a strong point, the other 2 are arguable. Even the file system, for example my mum would be startled to even see DCIM when she plugs in a phone, while power users can dig into iPhone after a JB. Furthermore, it is not android that beats iPhone, but those 5-6 android flagships out there, at least in terms of raw specs, not Samsung Galaxy XYZ 123 running Gingerbread. This article generalizes too much.

  12. Yall Bunch O.F.I. Diots Says:

    So I have iPhone 4. Also Galaxy Note, Lumia 800, Xpressmusic 5800, 808 Pureview, Galaxy S. The best of the bunch? 808 hands down. You see, this is matter of PREFERENCE. Sure Apple is a bad company, no one can deny that. But iPhones are good phones. For some.
    So lets brake down what you have said
    1. Irrelevant, I like 808, 5800 and iPhone 4’s screen size. I have tablet for stuff like videos.
    2. I don’t even know what to do with it on 808. So irrelevant again.
    3. They are cool on the Note. So I’ll give you that one.
    4. OK, annoyance. But not a big deal.
    5. Only bad thing about Apple’s keyboard is that it doesn’t have easy way of correcting mistakes. Which every mobile keyboard shares.
    6. Ummm… I can attach my Powerpoints via Keynote, Words with Pages. Maybe you should try it?
    7. So how is that important on a phone?
    8. This. iTunes is THE WORST program in existence.
    9. lolwut?
    10. Don’t see the point in Note. Tablets are the only use for styluses
    So there you have it. Also OP, just a little thing… you are comparing AN OPERATING SYSTEM to a MOBILE PHONE. Jeesus, when did people come this stupid?

  13. Ed S Says:

    Swype is one of the biggest bonuses for Android. I can type out an email or text in half the time of clicking on the individual virtual keys with less mistakes than my mother in law can do on her iphone. I’ve had my galaxy with swype for 2 months, she’s had her Iphone for 2 years.

    The other points are mainly valid. no email attachments, glad I didn’t get an iphone for work, I’d be fired by now. USB cables, go stick your adapter where the sun don’t shine. I have other micro usb devices and each one came with a cable to use for it. I keep a cable in the car, in my desk and a few at home.

    customer icons and widgets, definite plus for Android. I like being able to put what I want on the screen and not what some brain dead dev thinks I should have.

    The PEN argument is pushing it somewhat. I like the preciseness of a pen, but the one I’d have to buy for my Galaxy is the same one an iphone user would have to get so no points there. if they were standard Android fare, then maybe.

    Overall, one of the biggest things is the file systems and removable media. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to use my phone as a storage device to get a Cisco IOS (the real IOS) file to some new or ailing network device, or give a user a VPN install/config that was too big to go through email.

    I realize the market Apple has, people who want to use tech but don’t know much about it. Whereas Android is for the techies, people who want to dig deep into their devices, get root access and see what the device is really doing with all that information we’re feeding it. Neither group is going away.

  14. Matt Says:

    Ed S: a few minor things… 1) your mother in law? That’s a valid speed comparison? lol 2) iPhones are perfectly capable of email attachments. Maybe not in the most productive of ways at times, but for the most part, they are fine. It’s really just HOW you do it that the author is talking about 3) as far as transferring files… again, there are ways to do that with an iPhone, but it’s not its strong point. 4) you are incorrect about iPhone users necessarily being people who want to use tech but don’t know much about it. I work in an IT department. I’m very comfortable with tech. I just don’t care to use my phone in the ways that some people use theirs nor do I want to spend that much time working with my phone. I organize my technical life differently so that I don’t have to. Nothing wrong with your phone being the hub of some of the types of things you’re talking about, but it certainly isn’t a necessity. If you’ve got a connected laptop that travels with you, your phone can just be a friendly phone. No need to make it do some of those other things. You can just turn it on and go about your phone related business. Even techy people have different needs / desires from their phones. However, I will grant you that it was certainly easier to teach my mom to use the iPad I got her than it would have been to use any sort of Android tablet and there’s something to be said for that.

  15. Igor Says:

    “Neither group is going away”, says Ed S. And I think that statement pretty much wraps up all that can be said about this debate.
    Take a Ferrari, and take a four-wheel drive – not a specific 4WD car, but the drive in general – and compare them… what’s the point? Yes, the fact is that ANY 4WD car can do something that a Ferrari can’t – go off road, for example. But that is for the simplest of reasons: a Ferrari was never meant to go off road, pretty much as 4WD was never meant for top-speed contests. And no sane individual would think of bash Ferrari for its cars’ inability to win Paris-Dakar. The mere thing is, either concept does just what it was created for, and it does it spectacularly: the Ferrari will alsays be a lightning on tarmac and a top-class high-tech racer, and a 4WD car will rule in cross-country challenges and off-road trials. Provided you chose a good one, of course – 4WD per se is no guarantee of a quality vehicle, much as Android per se is no guarantee of a good smartphone. Comparing two entirely different philosophies is like comparing individual needs – entirely subjective and inevitably biased. And as a conclusion: it is better to choose a single thing and polish it to perfection, than to take 20 and make them all perform average or even below average – the “a bit of everything” philosophy usually leads to “a lot of nothing” results.

  16. Bobby Digital Says:

    I have an HTC Android device and I’m “mostly” pleased with it. My question is….Where are the proud Android users? It’s as though nothing good can EVER be said about these devices without comparing themselves to the iPhone. I have now decided to give Apple a chance to earn my business. These constant comparisons over the years have subliminaly hinted to me that there must be alot of great things I about the the iPhone and the device deserves my unbiased consideration. Articles like this make intelligent consumers like myself think about retrospective possibilities.

    I’ve always believed that outward superiority is a sign of likely internal inferiority.

  17. MrTEA Says:

    Dose it really matter? Each will do what you want it to, I compared the IPhone, Samsung, and Droid. And went with the Samsung and I’m very happy with it. It is a great phone! It is what is right for me, to each his own, Like ED and Igor said they are both going to be around. I purchased a IPad 2 for my wife and she loves it cost me a bundle, I pickup a tablet for myself and I love that, they both do the same stuff, read email, internet, take pictures all the thinks we like to do, I just paid a lot less for mine, and my tablet, Samsung , desktop and Xbox all work together sharing files. And I’m sure I could get my wife IPad 2 to work also. So whatever if you like the IPhone then get it, if you prefer the Android go for it. That’s America! Freedom of choice! And I for one like that.

  18. Matthew Says:

    Ed, I don’t agree that the iPhone is for tech dummies.
    I am a techie a strongly prefer just about anything over Android, and appreciate the polished OS on the iPhone. Not saying that there aren’t people who are new to tech who use iPhone, but making that generalization is wrong.

  19. Go_4_iT Says:

    I don’t even know why I’m commenting on this article, it’s so ridiculously biased. As stated by others, iOS is an operating system, not a phone. Android is an operating system, as well, but they don’t build the phones. Herein lies the problem, which has been the PC’s problem for years. Apple designs and develops the hardware and the software, which is why their computers run so slick, as well as their phones. No, the phones don’t have huge 4.5″ or larger screens (if you’ve never tried one, go for it, like I did when I bought a Samsung Galaxy II Skyrocket, and see how wonderful they are to type or do anything with one hand.) Don’t get me wrong, as I do love Android phones. The latest have very awesome features and beautiful screens. I bought 3 of them, and returned them only because I need my calendar, email, music and all to sync with every device I own, whether it be my home PC or MacPro, or my iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can get the Androids to do these simple tasks, if you jump all over between apps and go through gmail to push from there, but even then, it’s not seemless. With my iPhone, I can be sitting in front of my PC or Mac, and enter an event on my phone, and it pops right up on my PC and Mac as fast as I can blink. I can do the same with Outlook, as well. Whatever I enter in Outlook will pop up on my iPhone in a second. Some say the iPhones are TOO simple. I always get a kick out of that one, especially when the same people brag about how they can enter their cars without a key, or starting the car with a pushbutton starter and their key in their pocket. And NFC? Wait until you’re credit cards are wiped out of cash by a smart hacker that can get at your information. They can already do it with credit cards stored in your wallet, they’ll be having a hay-day with the NFC gadgets out there. I must agree with MrTea above – it’s America, get what you prefer and don’t rip the other person for getting something different.

  20. sky Says:

    You iphone people make me laugh…my lg 4g thrill blows the doors off any iphone version…as an ex-iphone
    owner..i can say ill never waste my money on apple again.

  21. Igor Says:

    P.S. Just to illustrate the futility of this article’s approach…

    Very recently, a certain 18-inch laptop earned the highest praise on this website, as being (and I quote) “if you have the means… absolute perfection”. That particular laptop (which IS a stellar product, no doubt about it) does NOT have a 3-pound chassis (that a few others do), does NOT have a touchscreen and canNOT use a stylus (which some others can), does NOT boot in under 25 seconds (which several others do), does NOT have a superb pointing stick (that many others do) and does NOT have 8 hours of battery endurance (which a few others do)… in other words, absolute perfection got “beaten” by others in at least five ways, as demonstrated. But while none of those “others” got the ultra-rare five-star rating, this one did. With this article’s approach in mind, where’s the logic in that rating?

    Wishes and needs are individual – that is why there are so many models on the market to choose from, so (most) people could choose what best suits their needs and preferences. And things should be “judged” on how they do what they were created to do, not on how they (don’t) do what one wishes they could do. You cannot choose what features the iPhone or Galaxy or Whatever comes with… but you CAN choose which comes with the features that YOU like best and/or need most, and purchase that one. And whatever your choice, it does not make the other one(s) inferior. Just unsuitable FOR YOU, and that is all.

  22. cadhead Says:

    I’m not seeing ten reasons NOT to buy the iPhone, but 10 neat tricks on a competitors phone. I used to trust computer magazines, but Laptop has WAY to many headlines that are a “trick”

  23. iPhone defector Says:

    This phone has this superior feature… That phone has that superior feature. Yada yada ya. Sometimes, however, it can be a single feature or lack of feature that makes all the other features pointless. The greatest phone in the world is instant garbage, for example, if it had 1 hour battery life. On that note, let me tell you THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE that is the game changer and the deal breaker here.


    1. I have an old HTV EVO 4G an old Gingerbread 2.3 OS that’s generations behind the current Android OS. Release date: June 2010.
    2. I have an iPhone 4S, released October 2011.

    Don’t get me wrong. The 4S is superior to the Evo. Of course! It’s one year newer.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I have both devices and one is clearly superior, but I use it less.


    A: The larger screen on the Evo makes ALL the difference for most things I use a smartphone for. Email, web, video, schedules/calendars, taking notes, getting maps & navigation, you name it. The iPhone IS JUST TOO SMALL.

    DEAR APPLE: The way we use smartphones has changed. The frequency with which we use them for certain things has changed. The iPhone 5’s size upgrade is an ADMISSION that the 4S was too small. Guess what? I promise you, like Nostradamus himself, that the next major revision of the iPhone WILL BE BIGGER. And that will be an ADMISSION the iPhone 5 was too small.

    Bottom line: I’m an Apple Fanboy. I have a Macbook Pro, two Apple TVs, an iPad, and iPod, and 5 iPhones (I’ve had and kept all 5 gens of iPhone.) I love the iPhone. The “walled garden” sucks but that’s fixed with a jailbreak.

    BUT THE IPHONE IS JUST TOO DAMNED SMALL FOR A MODERN SMARTPHONE. PERIOD. END OF STORY. I am FORCED to go Android for my next phone for one reason alone. Tiny-toy size just won’t cut it for a smartphone power user.

    OK, that was venting, but now, whether you agree or don’t agree, I have a very intelligent question to ask the audience:

    Now ask yourself. The Mac makes WAY less money than the iPhone, and yet how many different models and sizes do they have? The iPod makes WAY less money than the iPhone, and yet how many different models and sizes do they have? The iPad makes WAY less money than the iPhone, and they’re about to release a new size of that too!

    Q: Do you think it makes sense that the single most profitable thing Apple has, they they could release a larger size for the 65% of us who, by statistical survey, have told the world we prefer a smartphone in the 4.3″ to 5″ range?

    A 4.8″ iPhone alongside the 4″ iPhone would mean complete and utter domination by Apple. The only upside to Apple not releasing a 4.8″ iPhone is that they will keep their competitors more even with them, which is good for innovation and thus good for us consumers. Everything else is bad. Less profit, less happy shareholders, and disgruntled Fanboys like me being forced to go to Android.

    “Apple may be patting itself on the back over its move from a 3.5-inch to a 4-inch display, but in the smartphone size race, the iPhone 5 trails the field by a wide margin. In the Android world, the 4.3-inch Droid RAZR M is considered a “compact” phone, the 4.8-inch Galaxy S III is mainstream and the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II is large.” — If 4.3″ is compact, what does that make 4″. I’ll tell you… “sub-compact” or in simpler English: “tiny”.

    Apple, you make great products.



    IN 2012, TINY=FAIL.


  24. Astarbucks Says:

    Let’s see the stupidity of the fanboys’ arguments:

    @ML – “I’m done with them and all their services.”
    So you no longer use Google Search, Gmail, Youtube and Maps… see you one day in your cave mate. Your paranoia fits the confines of a cave really well.

    Apple did not want to make different models because its profits will go down you idiot! It does not own the factories that make them and it will be charged higher costs to maintain too many lines. Furthermore small screens with small substrates are CHEAP to make.

    Do idiots like you even know that Android owns nearly 70% of the global smartphone market while Apple is barely even 20%?

    U bought an iPhone 2G? Why would any retard buy a second hand phone with sealed batteries? Right… fanboys dunno that lithium-ion batteries die after 300 charges… or only have 1-2 hr battery lives. With most Androids, you can at least swap batteries, stupid. Any Android also becomes FASTER with each Android OS upgrade.

    @Thomas – “easily find a proprietary cable in the office”
    Er… you fanboys did not even realize that the “new” proprietary cable is DIFFERENT from any other proprietary nonsenese Apple has ever had?!?! That was the reason that the European Commission wanted all phone makers to standardize on the USB. Looks like Apple didn’t get the memo, or they got only the internal memo to squeeze sucker-fanboy consumers for more profits.

    @Matt – “iPhones are perfectly capable of email attachments.”
    Which phones can’t? You speak as though only iPhones can do that. But try attaching a few files to email over a crappy 2G/3G connection. You fanboys still don’t get it. Its about being able to do the alternative thing. Androids can be used as a thumbdrive with any computer. You may crawl out from under that rock now.

  25. Ryan Stanley Says:

    Just a thought – isnt the lightning connector great for use of third party accessories without need of drivers? or something along those lines? Plus, soon enough the lightning connector will be as available as the 30-pin connector (aka you can find one anywhere).

  26. Kima Says:

    @Astarbucks.. High-Five I likeeee.. :-) PS: Instead of iphone jailbreak, they should jailbreak from Apple prison.. Muahhahahaha..

  27. Rick S Says:

    This article is crap. I was hoping for at least 1 valid argument :\

  28. MichelleinVegas Says:

    I am LMAO at this spirited debate. It certainly rivals any of the Obama vs Romney posts. Maybe we should all focus on the larger issues at hand?

  29. Doug Isom Says:

    have you ever even seen an iPhone? Battery life and time is always visible and with a quick swipe of my finger I can see local weather, access to my social media choices, latest notifications from different apps, hone calls, texts, and emails as well as stock ticker. sad what passes for product comparison

  30. Dave Says:

    All of these reasons are reasons why I own an Android device. Fact is, it’s just so far ahead of the iPhone that there’s barely a comparison to be made. Sure, the iPhone’s hardware is better and the battery life might be longer, but when it comes to forward thinking software features iOS is stale and boring and it just doesn’t measure up anymore.

    I was looking forward to the launch of the iPhone 5 with an open mind. I’m someone who’s owned an iPhone 4 and a Lumia 800 as well as a decent number of Android phones, so I’m no fanboy. But unfortunately Apple failed to win be back. Going back to iOS (or Windows phone actually) would just be a massive step backwards.

  31. EssDee Says:

    @Astarbucks….. +1 and a few more. Do you know, by the way, why Apple changed the names of all its products to have the initial “i”? Because, they started making products for iDiots.

    No way you can change an iDiot’s iDiotic mentality!

    Android rules!!!

  32. Jo Says:

    To be honest android and the the platform jelly whatever is the best phone to loose to the iphone period USA rule. No droid what?.

  33. Jo Says:

    Android the easiest phone to get hacked.

  34. Jo Says:

    10 ways android beat iphone. But there’s 1 million ways iphone beats android.

  35. metropony Says:

    “1 way iPhone beats Android”

    Slide one: It doesn’t crash and it does what you ask of it.

    ::argument over::

  36. SmartUser Says:

    “… it does what you ask of it”

    …unless you need to navigate using transit directions or accurate maps! In my part of the world (Dublin, Ireland), the mapping provided with IOS6 has moved our city zoo and given us a new airport! As this is server based, it could be corrected by Apple purchasing the latest Tom-Tom data, which is highly accurate.

    IMHO the choice of phone/platform should depend on function required.
    I have colleagues who happily use iphone 4Ss without any complaints. The iphone 5 is probably an even better model. There is no doubt that the iphones are polished pieces of technology. I personally have no desire to root or mod my phone, however I chose my old Galaxy S because I wanted
    1. Good telephony function (iphone had its handheld signal dropping issue at that time)
    2. Free Sat Nav function (I wanted a screen comparable to the Garmin that I was replacing)
    3. Large screen so I could surf the web while in court (I’m a lawyer) with the ability to watch flash content
    4. Ability to read emails, including word, pdf and excel attachments.
    5. Ability to copy my downloaded attachments from my phone to various pcs and upload documents and ebooks to read while waiting in court, along with music files.
    6. Option to replace the battery if it failed. I have not had to do this yet, but most of my old non-smart Nokias eventually died due to worn out batteries.
    7. Ability to skype with a big enough screen to see the other party.

    My sons had ipods and I was VERY unwilling to go through the pain of setting up iTunes on my PCs… on the other hand the Samsung Kies software was nearly as bad. The good thing was that android phones do not need to use such proprietary software to connect, as they can be mounted just like USB sticks.

    I personally abhor social networking tools, so the new tighter integration to Facebook is not of benefit to me, but I see that it has become essential to many (younger) users.

    In summary, the iphone is not for me, but I see no reason why it should not be a good choice for millions of other people.

  37. Azrael Says:

    iOS fan boy this, Andriod fan boy that. You people crack me up.

    Bring up topics like world hunger, social injustice, and international politics and be ready to face a vacuum of opinion. Mention what kind of phone you have and prepare for a holy war.

  38. Isreal Says:

    For more than 5 years we keep listening how one or another will kill, starve, beat and throw Apple out of business. Fact is that with every release many people buy it. You don’t understand a simple fact here: this is not about technology (larger screen, pen support, ability to see files, USB connector), just about a certain lifestyle. Is the same reason that some (many) people buy Mont Blancs instead of Pelikan fountain pen. Good luck with your prophecies.

  39. Landshark Says:

    I have to respond to Thomas, stating that: “NFC cannot substitute your wallet yet, especially not outside North America.”. I believe NFC is most used outside the U.S. and just starting to take hold here. It’s especially useful over seas!

    Even if the article is biased, it’s also factual. Personally I’m picking up a Windows Phone 8 device (probably the Nokia Lumia 920).

  40. Astarbucks Says:

    Examples of i-Tard/iDiot arguments (Part II):

    @Doug Isom
    You brag about “Battery life and time is always visible”? You think the iPhone is great because of that? Quick, grab my hand, I’ll drag you out from under that rock!

    @Ryan Stanley
    You’re a moron for realising why nobody will want to use the Lightning crap. Its not even USB 3.0! Its just USB 2.0! It even has a microchip in the freaking cable to do something as basic as charging and file transfer. Why? So that they can charge you US$29.90 for the cable and US$19.90 for the adapter moron! USB costs $1 to $2. Forgot about getting cheap cables from eBay anytime soon too. The price will come down no doubt but with this chip, it will always be 3-4 times that of USB. Just like how the inkjet manufacturers put chips into their ink cartridges, G.E.D.D.I.T!

    Even with such a crippled OS with so many limitations, iOS crashes and hangs all the time you fool. I’ve got so many friends who moved over to Android as a result. Ever noticed how often iPhone users say “just switch on and off” (i.e. reboot) and it will be ok? Ever tried to google “iOS hangs”? Try reading Forbes:


    The worldwide market share numbers also proves the fact. Even without hanging, the Apple Maps shambles already shows how crap it is.

    Even today, Mac users clutch to their comfort blankets thinking that Windows hangs all the time. Sounds familiar? But Windows XP celebrated its 10th year anniversary last year or the year before! Many enterprises are still using Win XP! Its a standard Apple ploy and only moronic consumers believe that!

    Would you buy a car with a Ferrari badge/price but the tyres cannot be user replaced and has to be thrown away unless you pay 1/3 to 1/2 the price of the Ferrari to have the factory change the tyres for you? That’s an iCrap with a sealed battery for you. Would you buy a Ferrari that has only 1 gear but they claim is easier to drive because you do not have to learn change gears while other people have to change up to the 7th gear? That’s what a crippled proprietary OS with no features and all sorts of limitations do. That’s what having no micro-SD card slot is for example, or the fact or not having true multi-tasking. Yeah right, easier for the ignorant.

    @Azrael, @MichelleinVegas, & all other iTard-fanboys who have NOTHING to offer
    Shut the hell up and go elsewhere if you are so obviously out of your depth here.

  41. Josh Says:

    I love Android and am not a big fan of Apple. I think the comments under this article AND under the 10 reasons the iPhone 5 is better are hilarious. A major irony I see is that Android is all about choice vs Apple keeping everyone in a walled garden, but anyone who chooses Apple over Android is (insert derogatory label). It’s akin to reminding everyone to vote but calling them an idiot if they don’t vote for candidate X.

  42. Andrew Says:

    It’s nice to know that the entire Android ecosystem and all the phones that use it can beat the iPhone in 10 different ways. However, let me know when you find a single phone that can beat (or even tie) the iPhone. What sort of “article” is this!

  43. Astarbucks Says:


    Are you still living in a cave somewhere? Its true “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”.

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 phone as the top of the line phone beats the heck out of the iPhone as the most popular smartphone in the UK, Korea and many other countries. Its pre-order was 9 million world wide and sold 20 million in 2-3 mths. iPhone only had opening sales of 5 million.

    Come out of your well, the sky is much bigger.

  44. Dave Linabury Says:

    Both systems have their advantages (for competitive and cost reasons), however it would have been nice if the author actually owned an iPhone to know that many of the items he mentioned are absolutely doable on iOS.

    That said, the author *did* forget some of the other major areas where Android beats iOS:

    * Access to thousands of viruses. With a store that isn’t vetted, Android users get treated to all sorts of dangerous malware and viruses. We Apple users miss out on all the fun!

    * Consistent Updates. I just hate knowing all my friends are up to date on their iPhones and all running the same version of the OS. Where’s the fun in having carriers that keep their phones’ OS up-to-date?

    * Quality assurance. Where’s the fun in having a iPhone that just works? Android users get all sorts of surprises in their operating systems, from memory fragmentation, to app crashes to short battery lives, again Android users have more to look forward to.

  45. RavenHeart Says:

    Ok, the article was a little lame, but after reading the comments, just had to…

    First off, I don’t like Apple’s incompatibility with most of the tech world, app designers HAVE to cater to Apple’s wishes; I don’t like their business practices; I just don’t like Apple. I own a fourth-gen iPod Touch. Got a nice tax refund in 2011 and lived in the Texas Hill Country where there was no cell service, so I didn’t want to pay monthly for a full-on contract (which was only AT&T at the time, no thank you) just to save money on a device.

    I wanted something that could hold all, if not, most of the music I may want to listen to over the next couple days/weeks as I did, and still do (I live back in the city now,ugh…) a lot of driving, so I picked up a 32gb. Android was just coming into its own, and ICS was but a dream. iOS and Apple hardware was just superior to what Android OS/devices offered at the time. Free wifi is everywhere these days, most MickeyD’s have it. That extra $100 for 64gb iPod and I might as well as got a netbook or another PC laptop which I would happily find or make a dedicated spot for in my vehicles. I am still thinking about this, but I really can’t afford the convenience of needing/wanting the type of connectivity to the internet I like having, which I would use mostly for music if it were in a vehicle, with a quick stop to look up any other information I may want/need. Other than performing basic tasks better, music was my focus. So iOS it was.

    Then I found out that the camp I had worked and lived at for a year and a half wanted to eliminate my position. Suddenly I needed a phone again, and would have liked something that could do the things iOS could do, without paying for the expensive, rather sad service of AT&T. But there were other things I needed the phone to do since, at the time, it looked like I was going to be spending a lot of time roaming the country on the open road searching for that dream life; or until I ran out of money and landed somewhere I could put up with. I needed an Android device.

    * Ability to easily connect to my laptop and transfer whatever file(s) I needed to. Don’t have access to a printer to print resumes? Most employers I’ve encountered get off on the fact that I could email my resume to them right there on the spot, and VERY quickly in a format that they could read on their computer.

    * Removable battery. Why not?

    * I’m a HFL. Don’t tell me what I can and can not do with a device I paid half a grand or more for.

    * Memory upgrade. I said to hell with a few bills for a pay period and got an S3. Sprint (you got to have faith man!!) gave me a hell of a deal, so I got a 16gb S3 and a free 8gb iPhone for the second line. Since it was money I probably should have spent on something more important, I just got the 16gb because I KNEW I COULD JUST BUY A MICRO SD FOR IT. And the amount of information they can hold is growing super fast. It was funny to put the iPod and iPhone together. Same thing really.

    I have come to really like my S3. And yes, the bigger screen is a plus; and having more than one button to use. Stock was great, but it only took a week before I submitted to the temptation to hack and mod it. Paid $25 for an extended battery, so I can go four sometimes more days of heavy, heavy use with the help of JuiceDefender without recharging. BTW…

    @ Thomas – No, you can’t just find an Apple charger just lying around, even in an office. WHAT I CAN FIND is a freakin microUSB cable. Unless you order online at Amazon and get it shipped from China or something, $20 for piece of wire and another $20-$30 retail just to be able to plug it into the wall is just plain robbery.

    I can watch a Blu ray rip of Episode 3 on my S3 and it looks f*cking great. I currently work as a broadcast engineer for a TV station and the ability to use Flash to see the live stream is important..and Skype in to the system…and just plain do anything with the computer system here while making the drive to come help fix it when something goes wrong. Being live 24/7 we lose money every second we aren’t broadcasting. So far, after three months, I don’t think there is a single thing I can’t do with this device. Sprint’s 4g towers are going up at a pretty good pace, in spite of my doubts. Now, I can use my S3 to hotspot to the internet on my laptop without paying extra and get faster speeds than my crappy, monopolistic cable provider.

    I sold the free iPhone to a friend and he pays me for the service, so I rooted that as well. I noticed that MOST of the apps that were available for rooted iOS were, in fact, apps to install Android native features. SHOVE THAT UP YOUR iHOLE. I rooted my iPod because, apparently, iOS has Bluetooth just to say it has Bluetooth. It can’t do anything productive with it. So I’m about to change all that. I still use iTunes: I am IN LOVE with the visualizer, originally called Magnetosphere, which I am trying to find/build a port for on Android OS.

    VERY LONG STORY SHORT: Needs and Preference. The difference is Android OS is open-source, so an Android device’s usefulness will always outlive an equivalent, or even a little bit better iDevice…

  46. THISiStupid Says:

    This is just stupid. For every reason an Android is better than a Iphone, the Iphone has a reason that a Iphone better than Android.

  47. Nic Says:

    Ok wow. Can both phones be better?

  48. Bob Says:

    Android is crap since it is behind, gets hacked, copies apple, has no apps, is slow, laggy, dangerous, unstable, low on features, has no FaceTime, has no iMessage, hasn’t got facebook intigration, or twitter, or instagram, the phones have useless cameras, bad battery life so basically this website is a con and should not be used as it makes up stuff to make android sound better when it’s shockingly bad! No argument, the truth so don’t bother commenting unless u agree cos I don’t like lyers

  49. Art Says:

    @Jacksjus Seriously? You want to know why doesn’t android out stands in the market more than Apple’s? Are you being serious?

  50. oranges Says:

    people will follow apple for the same reason people follow blackberry. the perceived value. the perceived superiority. the bandwagon factor. apple is not better than windows at this point. apple wants to inhibit the forward movement of technology, and use cheating tactics to squeeze the real manufacturers out of the market. claim they created everything. bull. release a phone every so often, with minimal upgrades – why? because people will buy it anyway. that’s greed, plain and simple. shady business, cheating to “win” and lying to people. i don’t want the same low tech phone as everyone else. i can do more with android.

  51. Jen Says:

    Sanest comment on this article was by Azrael (Oct 8th 2012, 11.54pm). So many things that are more important than this to get angry about or that should provoke thought. I love tech as much as the next person, but some people sound like they’re ready to go to war.

  52. Eric Says:

    wicked article bro. couldn’t stop laughing at the johnny-come-lately remark. apple will have to up their game if they expect to remain a market leader. where is the innovation? i have an iphone 4s and a galaxy s3 and even tho a part of me wants to support apple (i’m an apple fanboy) the galaxy s3 is by far the superior phone, hands down.

  53. Michael Says:

    I own an Apple 4s and until recently a Galaxy III.
    The Galaxy is too big to fit comfortably in a pocket, the user interface is very non-intuitive, the build quality is poor.
    The Apple was completely understandable in a few hours out of the box. The Galaxy? After a month I gave it back.
    I am not an Apple apologist. I still yearn for my mechanical keyboard on my old HTC.
    But all things considered…..iPhone is clearly the best.
    Besides, I don’t support Samsung whose R&D budget is 4x Apples and all they do is steal technology.
    I have seen the inside of this by the way as a consultant for Samsung.
    In fact, I won’t even consider buying a Korean car at this point.

  54. Chris Says:

    This article is so true, but reality is i couldnt care less if apple iphone customers who buy the same phone year out year in! think, really think they have the latest in tech! they dont, my mate was parading his voice guidance navigator on his iphone 5 to me, when all i said was you didnt blink an eye lid over 2 years ago when google updated my navigator on my old htc legend to voice guidance!. but now 2 years later your all over your iphone 5 going goly gosh look at this. So old hat! And recently he had to somehow send a map to a customer showing her where to go but didnt know how to do it, i said give me 2 secs i have a galaxy note, i went into s note then into maps of his destination to give the customer, saved it as either a mms or email i sent it to his iphone but alas it just couldnt open the mms typical! so i said no worries i will just send it straight to her email. and he uses his iphone for buisness, im thinking your not going to get much work if your phone cant do that! also i can send pdfs videos pictures , just anything a pc does and his couldnt! a galaxy s2 can even my 3 year old htc legend does. Get out more and use an android for christs sake! even music is just downloaded wirelessly to my phone, no stupid itunes to a computer!

  55. Alan Says:

    Only thing iphone has going for it is siri. I agree with everything in this article. I like being able to connect my Android phone (galaxy s2) to my pc via a standard usb cable and having access to all files, especially handy for transferring movies on my pc over quickly. I like being able to bluetooth pictures and audio files to my friends phones. I can’t imagine not having customizable widgets.
    I have just one friend with an iphone, he’s not very tech savvy so I often have to show him how to use it and it’s very frustrating. U have to keep telling him “sorry I can’t bluetooth this photo to you because iphones don’t do that” and many more sentences just like it.

  56. loving my android Says:

    Sadly you I phone sheeple just don’t get it and you never will. …. android offers something I phoney will never offer; True freedom to customize your device to its deepest level to truly make it your own. You cant possibly understand what open source really is..you are stuck in some kind of I p b one fog. I think I phone is great for those people out there that are happy with a stock device. But some of us want more out of our devices. You iphone people don’t understand the true level of customization you can reach with Android. its far more complex then what you think. You think its about widgets, im talking about something much more complex. The ability to change things to your desires at a system level. Because you will never understand this kind of freedom and customization available im not going to argue any farther. If you love the I phone than that’s good for you. but there are people out there that want more from there device so they get a android. I know you I phone people cant even begin to understand this…so you can keep your I phoney and argue all you want About how great it is. I will continue to use my Android. Because android is by far more superior to I phone. Sad thing is you I phone people are really missing out. Android is far more superior. But go ahead and have your iphone. I personally wouldn’t want the iphone its pitiful in comparison to android and that’s the truth! So keep your iphone.i wouldn’t even take it if it was free. Android is far more advanced and is superior by far to I phone.

  57. Will Says:

    Android is the laggiest piece of shit you will ever use, all you android fan boys better get over how great it is. Because from experience ive had the top of the line for both android and apple in 2013, and so far from android all i got was disappointment after disappointment. I’m not saying apple products are perfect, but at least they are consistent, reliable, and are able to handle switching between apps reasonably quickly. honestly saying i would never buy another Android OS phone again.

  58. Kifel Jatt Says:

    All you people can just shut up.
    My dad has a 4s which overall is a good phone buy it’s far too expensive. I could easily buy a Android phone with roughly the same specs for half the price. So what if made out of plastic. I’ve seen many cars that are made out of plastic. The main downside of the 4s is its screen size.
    My sister has a ipad mini. I cannot say anything bad about it except that it is a bit pricey.
    I have a s4. Screen size is good. It’s fast. It has LTE so I won’t have to buy a new phone when 4g comes out in my area. The back cover is plastic, most of you will complain about it feeling cheap but if you are one of these people then USE YOUR BRAIN AND BUY A F****** COVER. I’ve seen steel ones for as little as £5.

    Finally to all you people saying Samsung is crap please bear in mind that Samsung made apples A7 chip.
    I’m 15 and I am pmsl at all you “adults” who are crying over phones. Seriously? Go find a job and do something in life apart from sitting on your fat @ss.
    If I have made any spelling mistakes blame apples autocorrect feature

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