10 Ways Android Beats iOS 7

Six years after the first iPhone launched, Apple has finally made some major changes to the look and feel of its mobile operating system. Most of these improvements — including the new Notification Center, quick multitasking and Wi-Fi direct transfers — have been available on Android devices for years. So, if you wanted to transfer files quickly between phones, you could have done that just by tapping them together as long ago as 2011 . If you wanted to move quickly and easily between open apps, Android has provided a really great task-switching menu since version 4.0.

Perhaps sometime in 2014, Apple will get around to providing support for common Android features from 2012, such as NFC, floating windows and custom keyboards. Fortunately, there’s no need to wait for Tim Cook and crew to play catch-up. Here are 10 ways Android beats iOS 7 today.

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch
The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.
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  1. Jorge Says:

    What do you know Mr. Piltch, you are such an old out dated and out of touch goofy guy that no one takes you serious!

  2. yash kulkarni Says:

    iOS 7 is the best I am not a Apple FANBOY but the above all reasons given for android beating ios7 is that Android is open among thousands of manufacturer and Android is a stack, It may look different in different devices. But iOS 7 will be found only on a Apple device which at the end of the day the best device to work on. Android only if you a buy a sony, samsung & htc u will have fun or else it would be a ordinary experience…

  3. right_mr Says:

    What’s the matter “Jorge” , can’t handle the truth ?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    :’) ^^

  5. Amer Says:

    All these “ways android beats iOS 7″ are features that give you a headache (file system and SD cards), expose you to threats (non-market apps), too complicated for average users( over clocking), hardly used (NFC), ugly (multi-window and widgets), and make your experience fragmented/ not optimized for tablets (variety of Android versions, custom user interfaces and screen sizes).

    Only feature I covet is universal share with more share options but iOS is not too laking (message, email, Fb, twitter and print are all I need).

    However, if you think these features are important to you, then android suites you well. Not me, these are the exact reasons made me turn away from it.

  6. Thomas Says:

    It is like “How rooted Android beats iOS”, but jailbroken iOS is supercool as well. Android is not uniform, many still use Gingerbread, so nobody should care about this article…

  7. Terry Says:

    I actually like Android. That said, this was a biased, foolish piece of drivel.

    Except for the sharing issues on IOS, most of these were reasons to run screaming from Android. Applied aesthetics in the apple ecosystem and CONSISTENCY across physical design actually make for a better platform upon which to design, both in terms of applications and OS. Your arguments to the contrary come off as drooling and wild eyed.

    Please stop writing for public consumption. You’re hurting both sides of the issue.

  8. InTheRealWorld Says:

    I love all these debates about which is better… now how about some real life experience. I run a program at a major public university where faculty are given the opportunity to pick between an IPad and a name brand Android loner tablet to evaluate for up to 6 weeks before their department purchases their preferred device for them. To a person they pick the IPad convinced that’s what they want. After about 4 weeks 80% of IPad loaners have been returned and the Android device takes its place and 100% of those pick the Android as their preferred device for purchase. As a result of actually being able to work with both devices 75% of the devices purchased and assigned permanently are Android tablets. But that’s not the most interesting result. The most interesting result is that our help desk generates reports consistently showing that the 25% of those who picked the IPad as theior primary device account for between 65 and 80% of calls for assistance with the number 1 resolution to their calls being … drum roll … not supported on I devices.

  9. Lee Says:

    In reply to the real world, funniest thing I have read in decades!

  10. Yu Says:

    My experience with Android is that, because a solution is possible, I
    spend hours searchig for one not finding a satisfactory one.

    I started off as a bit of an Apple hater, but the longer I
    use Android the more I want to give the other side a try. I have yet
    to find solutions for e.g. reliable synchronization (as in: cannot
    easily misconfigure, propagates file deletions as well, … ), which
    iOS supposely has off the factory. The freely accessible file system
    doesn’t exactly help THAT cause.

    Most of the described advantages I have come to consider downsides of
    Android over 2 years of usage. While thereotically giving freedom, in
    practive they also reduce the polish of some solutions. E.g. if I use
    a friend’s Iphone for comparison I don’t notice automatic brightness
    adjustment, its just right. On my phone auto-brightness is noticably
    discontinous (which is distracting) and always too dark.

    Also: Displays. Over the years I have seen the best-on-market ones
    always with Apple. Glossy, yet not overly reflective and reasonably
    finger-print resistant. High resolution. Not following the trend of
    forcing movie aspect ratios down people’s throat. (though the iphone 5
    has 16:9 too now, for whatever reason…).

    The Android world isn’t doing itself much good either with phones and
    tablets often being put on display without even internet connection
    and most certainly without preinstalled apps/games as found on
    the iOS presentation devices.

    Sure, I have yet to try an iOS device for everyday use and recent
    changes (16:9 IPhone, iOS7 design) don’t make me optimistic about
    Apple’s future course, but right now they still have the devices that
    generate the feeling of “it is right”.

    @InTheRealWorld: All I know is that the only tablets I see used e.g.
    for reading scientific papers are iPads. That is easily explained
    though — an A4 10pt Paper is still readable in full-page view in
    Portrait mode at 1500 pixels but at 1080 it is already a bit blurry
    and noticably blurry at 768 pixels (1366×768). I opened some papers in
    a shop and compared tablets – the iPad mini surprisingly seemed the
    second best after the iPad 3/4 for that purpose because while
    providing the same effective area and resolution for full-page
    document viewing as 10″ “HD” 1366×768 Android devices it is smaller ⇒
    better handling.

    Can you give more details what people were doing with Android, that
    wasn’t possible with iOS? I’d like to know before I make a

  11. WhereInTheRealWorld Says:

    I am in the IT for two decades, you made me laugh with your joke of the year. Users returning ipads for android devices. LOL

  12. Egor Says:

    I think a very important thing is that android is slow and unsafe. You can compare is like mac and pc, some features are better on both deviced, but its the quality of the product, not the features. You look at them only if you need them, but if you have features without the quality, you dont have anything.

  13. android user Says:

    Sadly, I see people arguing that iphone is better and that it is unbelievable that an iphone or ipad would be returned for an android device. What is so unbelievable when I have used both iphone, ipod and android devices for a while and as simple as it may seem to use an apple product, android hosts more support for multiple devices. Points being made that android is unsafe, irrelevant because back when iphone was new it, too, had its own issues of unsafe usability because hacking was an issie and still is. Any smartphone connected to the internet that uses applications not approved by apple and android from third party sources makes your phone at risk and a liability for personal information and other data to be collected and misised. So the point being made here is not about safeness, it is about which is preferred based on user experience and the chosen that most people want to believe is apple products, but since android has improved over the past 2 years it has outsold apple devices by hundreds for the fact that it offers based on what users want and are comfortable with. Not everybody uses iphones and ipads or ipods for internet use and reading “scientific papers”… prove how it is harder to read such on a screen that is bigger and better than an iphone? Iphones are smaller and support less internet applications like flash and many full websites, and the app technology for social media and internet have been outdated by how android has improved upon then that besides the fact both systems offer instant messaging apps that can have video calling, iphones facetime is limited to apple products whereas android can work with computers of all kinds as well as tablets and other phones. Those of you who prefer iphone over android is because you feel safe with an ios system that has updates that nearly never change or improve, whereas android improves hence why there are so many updates and the additional memory ports for sd memory is a benefit cause it offers up to 64 gigs in addition to the android phone memory. Why spend 500 on an iphone limited to 64 gigs and when running low on memory the phone slows down when I can use android and put everything on an sd card or 2 or 3 if I choose and do not have to worry about a slower phone because the option to free up phone memory is a benefit to all users from beginner to advanced. Iphones are like the blackberries of tue corporate world… the safe devoce. Android is the true device of the future because itnadvance quickly and is used more qidely including at my school as well because they have apps for android… and not for iphone. Why? Because ios is outdated technology that nobody seems to care about anymore. For9r individuals who do more than websurf like gaming, watching videos, movies, write reports and papers, listen to music in addition to texting and using the phone for its actual purpose of making calls, android offers more for less and with more support, some things are even free. So before arguing which is better and how android seems so diffcult and frustrating… take your head out of your butt and realize the only thing difficult is getting rid of the ignorant attitude you have because even if you do not admit being a fanboy, androids operating system is more beneficial to everyone. Why buy an iphone 5 when there are 3 different kinds being offered for free thatstill cannot compete and have the same screwy technology year in and out and still it is not perfected or at least made better. Real lifeuse or not, what what people use their phones for nowadays, even my coworkers who had iphones turned them over for an HTC or Samsung phone because they agree the usage they get out of an android device is a bigger gain than anything apple can offer. Anything apple does android is doing better, including offering us apps from ios that apple users paid for, we get free!

  14. Alysha Says:

    For me, it comes down to reliability. I can’t tell you how many times Android users lose their contacts, etc. I have never had that issue with my iPhone. I have had a few Android devices in the past few years, but switching to iPhone was a great choice. I haven’t had the slow processing issues that I had with Android eliminating the need for a ‘Force Close’ app that I needed on Android.
    I have said for a long time that from the moment you start up an Android for the first time, the clock begins to wind down before it goes completely kaput. I’ve had my iPhone for a year and a half and haven’t had even HALF the issues my Androids presented me with in that time.

    If Android could fix the slow processing and the crashing issues, I would consider returning.

  15. mr jef Says:

    It’s like a religion, no matter what u choose, u will like it and adore its advantages,
    But for me personally, freedom given by android devices that allows us to work with thousands of installed free apps…. it’s just awesome

  16. Joseph Says:

    The two reasons I prefer Galaxy 3 on the Android system over iPhone is because (1) it has a removable battery. You cannot stop the Feds from tracking the iPhone because as long as the battery is in a phone, it can be tracked. (2) I like to be able to store information and pictures on a removable memory card. I like iPhone but choose Samsung Galaxy for these reasons.

  17. alex Says:

    east 2 west ios is the best …….android slags alltimes

  18. rich Says:

    Alysha – what are you talking about? Google automatically backsup your contacts. unless you are a moron ther eis no way for you to lose your contacts on Android

  19. Jerimie Says:


  20. Riff Says:

    freedom vs safety
    choose the latter you lose both

  21. Pura Says:

    Androids are… okay. I recently switched from iOS to Android and the experience so far just doesn’t match iOS. Sure, you have tons of apps and you can download them from any where, but their quality is bad and they’re not always safe to install. Special keyboard apps cost money and the default Android one is less user friendly (although I do like the Swype thing). Opening/switching apps gives me a noticeable lag which annoys me a lot.

  22. Francis Petullo Says:

    Reflecting on only what has been mentioned here, I would have to say reliability tumps all else. One reader here said it best.
    Beyond this, the heavy dependence on Java-coded apps and Java RTE, will always mean that Android device performance will lag others.

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